Hot cross buns easter

Photo: Flickr / Lara

No booze at Easter – but can you get drunk by eating hot cross buns?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or it would be, if not for a pesky lockdown. We can’t buy alcohol, but we can dispel a myth about hot cross buns.

Hot cross buns easter

Photo: Flickr / Lara

We’re happy to announce that day 15 of lockdown has seen the vast majority of us lose our minds. Collectively, our plans for a long Easter weekend have been decimated by the booze ban, but that’s only inspired the more creative of us to explore other options – ones that include… *checks notes*… hot cross buns.

No booze at Easter? No problem…

The sweet treat caused an unlikely stir last year, after a video of two police officers and their breathalyser experiment went viral. One of the cops in the clip tested himself before eating a hot cross bun, and then repeated the process afterwards. He scoffed the bread and registered a score that pushed him above the drink-drive limit.

South Africans frantically tried to find out if they could swap their beers for buns. We spoke to he Justice Project South Africa (JPSA), and unfortunately, we found our bubble would have to be burst this Easter.

Can you get drunk off hot cross buns?

Yes, there are “trace amounts” of alcohol in the buns – think of an element like yeast, which is found in both bread and beer. These tend to linger in the mouth immediately after consumption.

But no, hot cross buns can’t get you drunk. Not unless you have the unholy eating capacity of a Blue Whale, anyway: The JPSA estimate you’d need to eat “around 10 000 hot cross buns” before you started feeling wavy:

“The trace amounts in “bread” are not sufficient to intoxicate anyone. It lines your mouth though and fools breath screening devices. Without knowing the exact recipe, would estimate you’d need to consume around 10 000 hot cross buns to get a buzz.”


How many hot cross buns do you need to eat to get drunk?

That pretty much rules out any chance of us giving this whirl in the next few days. But, if you did fancy breaking every law of medical science, 10 000 hot cross buns would cost you somewhere between R41 000 – R46 000, depending on your choice of retailer. You’d encounter great difficulty buying them from the same place, as stock limits are in place across all stores.

If you wanted to complete this challenge in a day, you’d need to get through roughly seven of the Easter delights per minute over a 24 hour period. The difficulty is unfathomable, and any high you’d get after bun number 10 000 would surely be mitigated by the onset of rapid obesity and severe gastronomic issues. Sadly, it’s a step too far.