Johannesburgers have shared hilarious reactions to the snowfall in the area. Image via Unsplash

‘Should be a public holiday’: SA reacts hilariously to snowfall

‘Coolest Monday ever’: Locals are thoroughly enjoying the snowfall that has hit some parts of Johannesburg.


Johannesburgers have shared hilarious reactions to the snowfall in the area. Image via Unsplash

It’s been an exciting Monday for many Joburgers after it started snowing. While many are complaining about the blistering cold, a lot of people have been grabbing their cellphones to capture the rare occurrence. Hundreds of videos and clips of the snowfall have been shared online.

People have also shared a number of hilarious comments about the snowfall which they clearly aren’t used to. Some people have even said that today should be declared a public holiday.

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Mzansi shares hilarious reactions to snowfall

While many countries experience snowfall every year, it is a very rare occurrence for South Africans.

On Monday morning this week, a cold front hit parts of the country and brought with it a white and fluffy surprise — snowfall.

While the snowflakes have left people with chattering teeth, most are loving every minute of the snowfall and have headed online to share clips of themselves absolutely enjoying the snowfall.

This photo was captured that the SABC studios in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. Image via Twitter: @Bongi43

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Early this morning, Kaya FM shared a clip of the snowfall taking place in Soweto, South of Johannesburg. Take a look at the clip below:

Ice cold fun

Naturally many complained about how cold Johannesburg is today. Others however decided to enjoy the rare occasion and have taken many videos and pictures of themselves playing in the snow.

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Some have made funny comments about the snow. One person even remarked that today should be declared a public holiday so that people can enjoy the snowflakes.

“Snow in Soweto…surely that means today should be declared a public holiday? I don’t make the rules,” one person wrote while another said:

“Turning into a snowman. Loving all the snow in Johannesburg, it last snowed here almost 11 years ago!”

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