Captain of change: Siya Kolisi

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Captain of change: Siya Kolisi leads Freedom of Movement charge

The Rugby World Cup-winning Springbok captain recently extended his partnership with Freedom of Movement in the hope of making a positive impact in South Africa.

Captain of change: Siya Kolisi

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Springbok captain Siya Kolisi hopes to make a big impact with his new five-year partnership with the lifestyle brand Freedom of Movement (FOM).

In footsteps of socially-driven FOMxKolisi

The partnership follows the successful socially-driven product collaboration “FOMxKolisi”, where proceeds were donated to the development of the Mbekweni Sports Field located in the Western Cape.

“We launched the Mbekweni project in 2019 where we committed to donating part of the proceeds from the Field Green Vellie shoe to the rebuilding of the rugby field in this underprivileged community in Paarl,” Kolisi told The South African in an interview.

“This led to broadening our thinking as to how we can work together to make a bigger impact in South Africa.”

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The new deal positions Kolisi as a partner, allowing for involvement and input across all areas of the business, including creative design, product development and social initiatives.

The partnership aims to develop and design authentic product ranges dedicated to various upliftment and awareness projects and promises to make a meaningful positive impact in South Africa. 

“It’s a partnership I am very passionate about, and it was important to me that I wasn’t just seen as a face but a voice around the table when it came to decision-making.

“We produce quality products with purpose, and for the projects to resonate with our customers, it needs to feel authentic and genuine,” Kolisi added.

The freedom to make a change

FOM was co-founded in 2013 by the Boezaart brothers, who are passionate about using their business as a force for good.

“Through our friendship and our mutual passion for design and South Africa, we have established this partnership to create a platform for fellow South Africans to give back and do good in South Africa,” explained Roal Boezaart.

The partnership also gives Kolisi a platform to speak to the wider community within South Africa and beyond.

“This would also bring exposure to projects, such as Mbekweni, which FOM customers contributed to. It’s important to demonstrate the difference they have made with a single purchase,” Kolisi explains.

“Everyone is playing a valuable part in bettering the local communities. From my own upbringing and opportunities that were available to me as a child, I can play a role in guiding where donations are best placed, advising on the best resources to guarantee the most impact in less privileged areas of the country.”

Siya Kolisi, Léan Boezaart, Roal Boezaart. Photo: Supplied

FOM all set to go international

With the brand set to sail into international waters in 2021, the role that Kolisi will play in this process to propel the brand into new avenues, is key. according to Léan Boezaart.

“We are very passionate about building an internationally recognised brand that all South Africans can be proud of. We believe our partnership with Kolisi will inspire South Africans from all walks of life to work together to drive change and take us one step closer to the dream of a unified South Africa.”

Spotlight on small business support

Kolisi said that he hopes this partnership will also shine a spotlight on supporting small businesses in South Africa, which is crucial for the growth of our economy.

“There’s no reason why small businesses can’t compete on a global scale, and we would like to ensure we put all our effort into building an internationally recognised lifestyle brand that South Africans can be proud of. And at the same time inspire fellow South Africans to follow their business dreams.”