This BMW driver probably regrets speeding now. Images via Twitter: @kulanicool

Show-off in pricey BMW almost crashes near a tree while speeding [watch]

‘He will be walking this festive,’ wrote a tweep after watching a clip of a BMW speeding down a road and narrowly missing a tree.


This BMW driver probably regrets speeding now. Images via Twitter: @kulanicool

The owner of a very expensive BMW was left feeling like a fool after his show and shine video went wrong. In a clip that is doing its rounds on Twitter, the man can be seen speeding in his flashy car. Unfortunately for him, things take a horrible turn for the worse.

BMW driver embarrasses himself and damages his car!

People with fast cars often go to great lengths to prove to others exactly how fast their expensive cars can go. More often than not their decision to brag goes horribly wrong and leaves them in a sticky and expensive situation.

One man has learned this the hard way after he decided to show off his expensive BMW by driving very fast in front of a camera. In a clip that was shared by South African Twitter user @kulanicool, the man can be seen confidently speeding down the street.

Right when things start to get exciting, the driver loses control of the car which goes over the pavement, and barely misses a nearby tree. Judging from the clip, no one was hurt by the man’s crash.

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Kulani captioned the clip, “this wasn’t even necessary,” and we completely agree with him. But at least the man went viral, which is what he wanted from making the dangerous video.

Meanwhile here’s what tweeps are saying:

You can already bet that locals were laughing out loud and making jokes galore. Many of them thought the man deserved what he got for being a show-off.

@Vontiee said:

“What did you expect from the BMW drivers, same mealie-meal bag as Polo drivers.”

@Hlaha8610241 joked

“He will be walking this December.”

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