‘lost’ government-issue firearms

The number of ‘lost’ government-issue firearms ending up at crime scenes will shock you. Picture: File/Fotor.

The shocking STATS behind ‘lost’ government-issue firearms in SA

Thousands of ‘lost’ government-issue firearms are turning up in the hands of criminals, with minimal punishment for the culpable parties.

‘lost’ government-issue firearms

The number of ‘lost’ government-issue firearms ending up at crime scenes will shock you. Picture: File/Fotor.

The issue of ‘lost’ government-issue firearms being used to perpetrate crimes and ending up in the possession of criminals is being heard in parliament. Business Tech reports a recent parliamentary Q & A has revealed the extent of ‘lost’ government-issue firearms in South Africa.

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The defence force, military veterans, police force and correctional services all receive government-issue firearms. However, should any government employee misplace or lose said firearm, they barely receive a slap on the wrist for the indiscretion. Meanwhile, ‘lost’ government-issue firearms are ending up in the hands of criminals, with government unwilling to address the matter.


‘lost’ government-issue firearms
The of ‘lost’ government-issue firearms is big one in South Africa. Picture: File.

According to the parliamentary Q & A, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, 42 firearms have been stolen from the defence force. 33 of these are R4 and R1 assault rifles. Add to that 3 000 rounds of assault-rifles ammunition and 3 000 rounds of handgun ammunition. The case remains unfinalised, with zero prosecution of any defence force members.

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Correctional services ‘lost’ 19 firearms and 295 rounds of ammunition. But those numbers pale into insignificance compared to the South African Police Service (SAPS). Latest information says between April 2021 and July 2023, 1 725 official SAPS firearms were stolen. We’ll do the math for you, that equates to 61 firearms every month.


‘lost’ government-issue firearms
SAPS members are ‘losing’ on average 61 firearms every month. Picture: File.

The Minister of Police was unable to say anymore in the Q & A session as the information is part of an ongoing class action lawsuit against SAPS. However, in a separate parliamentary engagement by the Minister of Police last year revealed that 1 066 murders have been committed using ‘lost’ government-issued firearms since 2016.

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