Shakespeare Schools Festival S

Shakespeare Schools Festival SA arrives in Joburg this week

Shakespeare School’s Festival South Africa arrives in Joburg this week and will be performing at the St. Vincents and Transoranje schools for the Deaf.

Shakespeare Schools Festival S

Shakespeare for many people, both old and young, inspires many to eye roll and scream in terror at the thought of watching it, reading it and haven forbid performing it. Hours upon hours upon hours of words repeated to get the smallest nuance of an emotion. It is like Marmite, you love it or you hate it. But a few folks are trying to change all that.

The Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa (SSF SA),   initiated and coordinated by Educape setup by Kseniya Filinova-Bruton, is bringing some fun to Shakespeare. 

The organisations were set-up with the aim of providing an equal opportunity where there are no boundaries for participation. It also aims to establish opportunities for youth seeking their potential in a fun and developmental way, using Shakespeare as a medium.


The Shakespeare Schools festival was established in the United Kingdom as an additional education programme, aimed at improving language and social skills through the performing arts. Each year, the festival encourages schools to perform 30 minute versions of Shakespearean plays in their local professional theatres. The festival is in its fifth consecutive season and has reached over 1000 high school learners and educators in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal Provinces.

This week sees SSF SA will be hosted in Joburg Theatre from 9-12 September, and will be running a similar event on 11th of September for the Johannesburg based schools for deaf to give this amazing opportunity to experience the thrill of live theatre while getting introduced to the wonders of Shakespeare’s play.

A new organisation has been setup by Kseniya Filinova-Bruton in order to try and change that perception of Shakespeare and encourage a younger audience to see it for what it is. The Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa (SSF SA) is an opportunity for your young adults to make their theatre debut on a professional stage in a non-competitive environment. By provide the scripts, resources, training and framework you need to direct Shakespeare with students SSF SA is trying to promote children across South Africa to embrace Shakespeare and enjoy a full Shakespeare play, but condensed down to a 30 minute performance.

The main aim of SSF SA is to encourage young people to enjoy the theatre. To embrace the challenges of Shakespeare and whilst condensing the content to 30 minutes segments, expose more people to the joy of the works. A theatre goer will enjoy more than one play by Shakespeare when going to a performance of an evening, by three or four schools each performing a play. So it is more than just a buy one get one free, you get three or four plays for the price of one ticket.

For more information about this organisation visit their Facebook Page.