Why does Anna Correia think sh

Why does Anna Correia think she should design your home?

Anna Correia says you should get your UK home designed from South Africa. Should we believe her?

Why does Anna Correia think sh


Who are you in the SA interior design world?

I run a full interior design and decorating business in South Africa, from the initial stages of concept of the design to the construction of the interior design and decorating of a project. My projects are predominately run in the Johannesburg and Cape Town areas. However, I have done work for clients with homes in Plettenberg Bay, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and Perth, Australia. Over and above the running of my business, I love to keep the general public informed, updated and inspired on whats hot in the design and decor world through various social media platforms.

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Why, if I am in the UK, should I use you to decorate my house?

My unique decor package is designed to save you time and money, as well as for you to enjoy interior decorating and design at South African prices. I work with reputable contractors in South Africa that can custom make any furniture and decor item required, as well as have a reputable shipping agent that offers a door-to-door delivery service out of South Africa. Quality control checks are personally done by myself on each furniture item before it is shipped off to a client.

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How different is SA decor compared to UK decor?

I believe that no matter where you are in the world, each designer, client and look is different and unique. My work is always client-specific. I aim to work with the client, providing them with a customised look and feel they would want to achieve and enjoy in their home.

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The current pound-to-rand exchange rate is cost effective, but will the process be easy and relatively quick?

The design and decor process is relatively simple – and this is always dependent on the client and the scope of work to be carried out. Therefore, the timing of a project can vary. The entire process can take three to four months, client- and job-dependent.

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Can it really all be done via the web?

Definitely. Clients will need to provide me with all the correct and relevant information required for me to commence with the project. Should a client request any fabric cuttings or samples, I will able to arrange to have this sent to their home for their viewing. I am incredibly hands on with my projects and always like to keep my clients well informed on the process,  from the initial concept through to the installation of their project.

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Get in touch with Anna via her website:
Tel: +27 82 887 7817
Email: anna@annacorreia.co.za