KFC wedding

Image via: Twitter

KFC wedding on New Year’s Eve: Seven golden moments

Mzansi has counted down the days to the KFC couple’s wedding and it has finally arrived. Here are the seven best moments of the New Year’s Eve ceremony.

KFC wedding

Image via: Twitter

Not too long ago, a man got down on one knee in a Gauteng KFC and proposed to his then-girlfriend. South Africa did not know at the time that they would be planning a wedding.

KFC staff, customers, as well as passers-by, took videos of the proposal which resulted in a social media storm of immense proportions. 

When asked about their wedding plans, Hector Mkansi, 37, and Nonhlanhla Soldaat, 28, deemed the KFC couple, said they needed to save up first as they were slightly short on cash. It was then that people and businesses rallied together to give them their dream wedding

The couple finally tied the knot on New Year’s Eve 31 December 2019. Here are the seven best moments of the long-awaited KFC wedding. 

1. The wedding venue

In what appears to be set in a breathtaking church, rows of beautiful chairs and flowers can be seen leading up to the altar. Precious Tumisho Thamaga, otherwise known as Precious the Planner, volunteered to handle everything – and she did, right down to the decor. 

A picture was also posted of one of the tables. Fairy lights can be seen in the background while light pink roses, white candlesticks and golden chairs framed the table. 

2. Getting ready for the wedding

KFC posted pictures of the couple getting ready and the smiles on their faces are simply priceless.

Sis Nonhlanhla can be seen getting her makeup done, with a huge smile on her face, telling South Africa that there are no nerves and that her feet are toasty and warm. 

Hector can be seen wearing a silk robe before getting all dressed up. He’s on the phone, also with an ear-to-ear smile on his face. 

3. The wedding rings 

During the time when businesses and sponsors all over South Africa were showering the KFC couple with gifts to make their wedding day ultra-special, many volunteered to make their wedding bands free of charge. 

A picture was posted to Twitter of their matching bands, with just the right amount of bling. The rings also appear to be set in rose gold. 

4. The dress

Everyone knows that the dress is one of the main features of any wedding. A video was posted of Nonhlanhla as she is getting ready to walk into the church.

From what one can see from the back, the dress appears to have been mostly plain, but classic on the whole. The boat neckline framed her beautifully and the dress’s long train is not overly dramatic. She looked like a true Mzansi princess.  

Let’s also dig into that veil! What a veil indeed. Long and regal, yet classic with a thin border made of lace – just enough to add a little drama. 

5. Praise as the bride enters

One of the best moments was surely when Nonhlanhla entered the venue. As the doors open, she is greeted by ululation. The wedding crowd could also be heard screaming in astonishment. 

6. The look on the groom’s face 

An heartwarming image of Hector looking at Nonhlanhla during the wedding has been making its rounds on social media. 

She can be seen looking down with a big smile on her face, while her husband looks at her. The look on his face says two things, we think: 

“You’re the most beautiful bride in the world” and “I’m so lucky to have you as my wife”. 

Would you agree? 

7.The groom’s James Bond attire 

Hector was looking super sharp and dashing as images of him getting into a sleek black and cream tuxedo were posted online. 

He wore the cream tuxedo with black lapels and a black bowtie.