A female learner had her braids cut off on the first day of school.
Images via X: @NtateWilliams

School chops off learner’s braids – but parents have mixed reactions

Unprofessional or justified? Parents on X have reacted to a viral pic of a learner having her red braids cut off on the first day of school.


A female learner had her braids cut off on the first day of school.
Images via X: @NtateWilliams

South African parents have had varied responses to a viral image of a learner whose long, red braids were chopped off on the first day of school.

In the pic, which has circulated on X, the young learner faced the serious consequences of contravening the a code of conduct.

But were the educators’ actions justified, or did they cross the line?

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On X, a picture of the female learner’s braids being cut off by an educator quickly went viral. The learner sported waist-length box braids, which were seemingly left open.

But parents were split on who exactly was at fault.

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Some blamed the learner and her parents for knowingly breaking rules.

@NtateWilliams: “Holidays are over. Get rid of Rihanna’s hairstyle.”

@UnathiBobo27: “Some parents. From Monday, they should have taken off this hair.”

While others thought the educator and school itself were too strict.

@missfaithziqubu: “I know the mother was fuming when the pupil was sent home like this. Cause I know I would blow a top.”

@mehlulisizwe: “This is so unfair and unprofessional for a teacher to do so! It’s abuse and causes humiliation to the child.”


According to a typical code of conduct as outlined by the Department of Education, all learners are expected to wear the official school uniform and appear neat and tidy at all times.

This includes the instruction that “no colouring of hair or wearing of exotic hairstyles is allowed.”

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