SASSA may soon go on STRIKE!

SASSA may soon go on STRIKE!

SASSA may soon go on strike, as government services are affected by a planned SITA strike this month. Here’s what to know.

SASSA may soon go on STRIKE!

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) might go on strike from October 18, as the Public Servants Association prepares for a national shutdown. Government services linked to SITA will be affected, which could include the social grant payment provider.

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Here’s what you should know about the prepared Public Servants Association strike, and how it could affect beneficiaries.

About the PSA

The Public Servants Association (PSA) was founded in 1920.

Today, it is one of South Africa’s largest trade unions that represents the rights of workers. The Public Servants Association is a union that covers certain government jobs and workers, including Home Affaiors and other government institutions.

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The strike is set to affect SITA, a state-owned information technology provider responsible for much of government’s technological infrastructure.

Services that are connected to SITA might be disrupted during the strike, including Home Affairs and SASSA services.

SASSA and the strike

The planned national shutdown action will affect SITA and its related services.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) might be one of the information services disrupted by the planned wage strike.

The strike could be serious for South Africans, and could mean that some of the most essential government services grind to a halt.

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Information technology is responsible for a lot of South African government’s online services, including social grant payments and internal servers. If all of this comes to a standstill, it could effectively mean that the SA government and its system could be offline.

Will SA government stay online?

Political parties including the IFP have expressed their serious concern about how the strike might affect government services.

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The planned strike might affect all services that SITA is responsible for, including SASSA grant payments and Home Affairs. If you have to make use of government services for this period, the best thing to do is call the department – ask if they are currently online before making any plans.

If the planned strike’s demands are not met, SITA services could be interrupted for some time to come.