SA jazz legends unite to enter

SA jazz legends unite to entertain fans this year at the EFG London Jazz Festival

Plan ahead and get tickets now to this landmark collaboration between two of South Africa’s most iconic musical figures.

SA jazz legends unite to enter

It’s the 25th anniversary of the London Jazz Festival and Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya and Hugh Masekela will be performing in the Royal Festival Hall on 14th November.

The pair will revisit the spirit of their 1959 adventures with The Jazz Epistles, their band that created international waves in the music world during South Africa’s apartheid era.

The group first became famous after performing in the jam sessions in the Odin Theatre in Sophiatown and split up in 1959, but not before establishing themselves as South Africa’s first important bebop band.

Due to the restrictive governance of South Africa at the time, many band members chose exile over living in a country where their music was unappreciated and repressed because it was seen to be too politically driven.

Jazz was an expressive musical force and its players sought musical and social equality through their art, but their music was prohibited from being played on the radio and performed live in case it threatened the stronghold of the oppressive apartheid government.

Now, nearly 60 years later, these legendary musicians will be reuniting on stage and retelling their story in a very different era, as they perform at the 25th London Jazz Festival in November.

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