SA has the longest working hou

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SA has the longest working hours in the world – report

South Africa has the longest working hours in the world: Here is how work hours differ across countries in the latest available year.

SA has the longest working hou

Photo: Pixabay

New data from the University of Oxford revealed that South Africa has the longest working hours in the world.

It is reported that workers in Africa’s most advanced economy work 2 209 hours per year, according to Our World in Data. In fact it looks like South Africa has been on top of this particular list since 2008.

Photo: Our World In Data

The countries where you work more 

China just made second place with 2 174 hours per year while India came in third with 2 117 hours. A former number one, South Korea came in fourth place with 2 063 hours per year.

Statistics and Data even made a nifty video showing the differences between the working hours of different countries from 1950 up to 2017.

This video shows that back in 1950, Germany came in top with 2 425 hours a year.

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Changes in gender roles and household production

In the United States, it is said that the time between work hours and leisure has changed over the course of the 20th century.

The authors found that “there were significant declines in time spent in home production by women in every age group” while men work increasingly more hours in the household.

For men, the authors found that time spent in home production increased for every age group. In fact, men between 25 and 54 increased their home production time from 3.7 hours per week in 1900 to 17 hours per week in 2005. 

But as productivity in the ‘household increased working hours in the household also declined’.

In contrast to the broad definition of ‘home production’, the data focusses on a narrower definition of three household chores – meal preparation, laundry and cleaning – and excludes, for example, time spent with children.

In 1900 the average household spent 58 hours a week on these chores. In 1975 it was down to 18.

For 2015, the weekly work hours spent on these three chores for a household of one man and one woman is 7:42 hours.