Kandis Kardashian

Popular radio presenter Candice Coulsen aka Kandis Kardashian in the YFM studio. Image: Supplied

Up close and personal with Kandis Kardashian from #YMornings

To radio fans, YFM presenter Candice Coulsen is the ultimate extrovert, outspoken, bubbly with a sparkling personality who makes up one half of the breakfast team. Their show can regularly be found in the top five trending hashtags on Twitter.

Kandis Kardashian

Popular radio presenter Candice Coulsen aka Kandis Kardashian in the YFM studio. Image: Supplied

Along with DJ Ankle Tap, Coulsen, who goes by the name Kandis Kardashian, always manages to set social media alight with their brand of catchy and entertaining content.

The talented Coulsen holds a degree in public relations from the University of Pretoria and has held roles in marketing and media before embarking on a career in radio. We find out more about this 26-year-old radio jock who began her career at Cliff Central.

Tell us about who you are?

I’m Kandis and I hail all the way from Centurion, Pretoria. I’d like to think that I have a great sense of humour, but the jury’s out on that one. I am a radio presenter who dabbles in a little television every now and then. Also, I’m the sixth Kardashian/Jenner sister (Never forget that. LOL)!

What five adjectives best describe you?  

Brave, powerful, energetic, resilient and colourful.

Since you joined the YFM breakfast team, the show has been trending often. What elements do you think you’ve brought to the show? 

Hahahaha! I certainly cannot take credit for us trending! We were lucky to find a good balance – it takes an entire team to make the show great. Everyone does a great job, but I do think that I bring a different element by tapping into a space I own as well.

What was the inspiration behind your catchy Kandis Kardashian name?  

That’s quite a crazy story! Just before I started at YFM, I just felt like changing my social media handles because they were rather boring.  

It’s also no secret that I am obsessed with the Kardashians. So that’s how that happened and when I got to YFM, my boss liked it so much and it stuck!

How do you stay informed in a world that is filled with fast distractions?

We have underestimated how informative social media can be despite it getting a bad rap because of fake news. But that’s kind of how I stay up to date with current affairs — verified sources only, of course! My boss put me onto FlipBoard and I think it’s absolutely iconic!

What do you believe your role is in the entertainment industry – and the greater scheme of things?

I’d really like to inspire more authenticity. It’s crazy because we’re constantly told to be ourselves and when we are, we’re told “not like that’. But so far, I’ve managed to remain just silly old me. 

What are your thoughts on pop culture in SA at the moment?

I love how authentic we are! Where else in the world can you find amapiano? That Labantwana bama Uber song? The dance? Brooooo! That’s Southy! We give our Braam Lords [fashionistas of Braamfontein] a lot of flack, but have we taken the time out to truly appreciate what they do for the culture? 

Now, do we draw inspiration from our favourites, the Americans? Yeah sure, and that’s not a bad thing, but we’ve had greats like Beyoncé draw inspiration from our continent. So creativity is transferred from one to the other. Does mediocrity exist within these spaces? Heck yeah!

Is SA at a point where we take being a celebrity serious – and the responsibility that it comes with?

Which celebrities? We have well-known personalities in South Africa – not celebrities. Celebrities are international, and I can only think of three.

What’s it like working with Ankle Tap who has such a fine reputation in radio?

I always say that I am so grateful that I get to work with one of South Africa’s greatest on-air DJs. Every day, I learn something new from him. He is extremely funny and people don’t know this, but he has a HUGE heart. He gets radio and and that can’t be taught. The guy is a star!

Tell us three things that you are quite excited about?

I’m super excited for 2020. I can’t wait to do more television acting. Oh, and YFM will be on Steve Harvey’s Family Feud soon. So look out for that!

Take us through a day in the life of Kandis?

I wake up at 3am, head to the studio, do my show, do my admin and maybe a meeting here or there. When I feel like it, I head to the gym (can you tell by this incredible body?!). Sometimes I find myself in hair and makeup getting ready to shoot some cool project. At the end of my day, I head home just in time to catch my absolute favourite show, 7de Laan. Then it’s time for some prep work for the next radio show before I crash – and repeat!