ring sizing for dummies

ring sizing for dummies. Image supplied by client.

Ring Size: the ultimate DIY guide for dummies

Want to propose to your true love but don’t know her finger size? Here are some clever ideas to secretly find out her ring size for the perfect engagement ring, without her getting suspicious.

ring sizing for dummies

ring sizing for dummies. Image supplied by client.

If she has rings

1: Borrow a Ring

If she already wears rings, this job will be a lot easier for you. Check out the rings in her jewellery box. Do you see one that she has worn before on her left ring finger? (If you’re not sure, then start noticing!) Discreetly steal it and take it to a jeweller to find out the size. This will be the most accurate way. 

Make sure you find a ring that she wears on her left ring finger. Most people’s right and left fingers are slightly different sizes. Usually, the fingers on the dominant hand are a little bit thicker, mostly by about a full size larger. If you can only find a right-hand ring, the jeweller would be able to estimate the correct size for you. 

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2: Make a Trace or Impression

If you can’t get away with borrowing the ring for a bit, you can trace it carefully on a piece of paper. Trace both the inside and outside for accuracy. This will give the jeweller a good inner measurement to get to the correct finger size.

You can also do it yourself by measuring the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler with millimetre markers (mm). This can then be given through to your manufacturing jeweller.

3: Mark the Spot

Slip the ring that she would normally wear on her ring finger onto your pinkie and mark the place where it sits comfortably. Draw a line at both the top and bottom. Then go to a jeweller and try on different sizes until you find one that falls in the same place.

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If she doesn’t wear any rings, then you’d have to get more cunning. This is a little bit harder to do without arousing suspicion. Here are some ideas:

4: The Paper test

Try this if she’s a deep sleeper. When she’s sleeping, wrap a strip of paper around her left ring finger. Wrap around the base, but not too tight, since the ring needs to be able to slide over the knuckle. Make a little mark where the paper meets at the top. Measure the length of the paper in millimetres and give the measurement through to your jeweller.

5: The “Shoe Size Game”

As you’re browsing your phone, casually say you just saw this fun fact that a person’s finger size correlates to shoe size. The formula is:

Ring size = shoe size divided by 2 plus 4

Go through the calculation on yourself and her. Maybe she’ll say the formula is wrong and reveal what her actual ring size is. But this idea hinges on the assumption that she knows her own size.

6: Recruit Help

Ask her closest girlfriends, her sister or mom if they know her ring size. Girls often try on each other’s jewellery for fun so maybe her friends will know if their fingers are the same size. You can then have one of their rings measured at your jeweller

If they don’t, they may be able to find out without creating suspicion. For example, her friends can take her to a jewellery store while shopping, under the ruse of trying on rings for themselves, and get her to try on some too.

Or you can get a buddy to help. He can say he’s buying a ring for his girlfriend and she’s similar in size. If your girlfriend doesn’t know her own size, she may be willing to get sized to help out.

7: Get Crafty

Explore your jewellery stores with her and jokingly try on rings with her, suggesting you never know what the future holds. Take note if there’s a ring that fits her. Later, ask the vendor what size it is when she’s out of earshot.Visit our website now for great specials and promotions – https://www.yourdiamonds.co.za/