Review: African Pride Country

Review: African Pride Country Lodge Irene – The Green Room

The African Pride Irene Country Lodge new menu at their Meadow Green Restaurant is the talk of the town and I got an exclusive invite to taste the proof in the pudding.

Review: African Pride Country

Chef Leon is exactly the right person to have taken such a task to bring a change to the menu with a new twist and with such flare. He’s got the experience and can tell you how long to smoke the brisket until it is cooked to perfection.

The Meadow Green Restaurant warm reception and welcome drinks kick off the evening on a good note, as there is a set of divine cuisine displayed right in middle of the restaurant. I was given a quick walk-around of the buffet settings from starters, mains and desserts. I could not rule out anything, so I tried everything and tackled the starters first.

I went for the Curried Baby potato salad drizzled with coriander, scallion and chives, followed by the prawn and papaya salad which was an interesting combination that definitely enticed my palate.The portions are nicely sized for starters making enough room for the main course dishes ahead.

There is assorted freshly baked bread placed at the corner aligned with the starters display, before getting to the mains.One can tell how this station was well thought out, it had a Mediterranean set-up to it, surrounded by baskets filled with fresh fruits and the Parmesan looks like it will be a favourite stop, the shredded cheese is a must try over some Mediterranean black bread and some olive oil.

For the mains I choose the rich red wine flavoured oxtail,the sweet and sour pork,with some warm gravy and sweet butternut puree, a piece of rosemary glazed chicken and some slices of the succulent smoked brisket and roast vegetable pastry .The oxtail was tender and meat fell off the bones, an instant hit as the serving tray got refilled constantly .I added the saucy mushroom flavoured pasta plate to accompany my dishes, and whilst waiting for the pasta dish, I could not resist the prawns serving station right next to it .The prawns are fresh, largely-sized and juicy, and the serving chef is generous with the portions.

For dessert I was already caught by the colourful array of dessert during my walk-about tour earlier,and everything was creatively placed .This is heaven for the desserts lovers, from the fresh fruits skewers to the chocolate fountain, traditional tiramisu with espresso ice cream, the strawberry Eaton mess, to meringue inside a chocolate made cup filled with crushed Oreos and fruity garnish, stuffed profiteroles to the various cakes and cookies. The lemon tart meringues a must try and highly-enjoyable, it was light and sweet .The vanilla creamed cake drizzled with nuts also caught my eyes ,and I added it to my plate .I grabbed the raspberry flavored coconut Panna cotta, the chocolate tart and some caramelised cone filled with fruits .

We’ve always known that Meadow Green Restaurant is definitely worth bragging about and with this new exquisite menu, they can boast all day long and we will allow it.
African Pride Irene Country Lodge The Meadow Green Restaurant is open for dinner from Sunday – Thursday from 19h00to 22h30.

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