Rea Vaya strikers blocked

Rea Vaya strikers blocked by a labour court interdict. Picture: File.

Rea Vaya strikers blocked, busses forced back onto the road

Rea Vaya strikers blocked by an interdict from bus operator, PioTrans, were forced back to work today following several volatile exchanges.

Rea Vaya strikers blocked

Rea Vaya strikers blocked by a labour court interdict. Picture: File.

It’s been a messy week for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) operations after Rea Vaya strikers blocked the depot on Wednesday. They were forced back to work on Thursday with an interdict but attempted more disruptions this morning again.

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According to TimesLive, the bus service shutdown on Wednesday 3 January 2023 due to a worker dispute. Exit points of the Rea Vaya depot were blocked and passengers had to find alternative transport for the day.


Rea Vaya bus operator
Rea Vaya bus operator, PioTrans, goes into business rescue. Picture: File/Fotor.

Rea Vaya operator, PioTrans, was placed in business rescue in December 2023. Worrying still, are the roughly 300 taxi operators who turned in their minibus taxis for a 66% share in the company. Shareholders from the taxi industry insist on financial assistance now.

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After disruptions on Wednesday, an interdict by the Johannesburg Labour Court, ensured Rea Vaya strikers were blocked for protesting. It’s understood that the downed tools is due to delays in payment of their 13th cheque.


Rea Vaya strikers blocked
Rea Vaya buses were going nowhere this Wednesday. Picture:

Business-rescue practitioner, Mahier Tayob says there was yet another issue at the Rea Vaya depot this morning (Friday). Five buses that were sabotaged and other busses deliberately had their keys misplaced and steering mechanisms locked.

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Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) were at the depot and provided assistance and services resumed again at 06h30 this morning. The firm went into business rescue in the wake of creditors threatening to seize 25 of PioTrans’ buses.

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