Queen Elizabeth

A woman’s honest opinion about Queen Elizabeth has gone viral.
Image via screenshot/CNN

‘Not a fan of the Queen’: Woman praised for honest opinion [watch]

A young, British woman did not mince words when she revealed how she was not a fan of Queen Elizabeth and her ‘shady’ history on the throne.

Queen Elizabeth

A woman’s honest opinion about Queen Elizabeth has gone viral.
Image via screenshot/CNN

A young, British woman’s reaction to the ill-health and passing of Queen Elizabeth has gone viral – and it has everything to do with her difference of opinion.

The woman was put on the spot by a CNN reporter who reported live from Windsor Castle, England.

Queen Elizabeth died “peacefully” on Thursday 8 September surrounded by close family at her Balmoral estate in Scotland. She was 97 years old.

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Ahead of her passing, CNN international correspondent Scott McLean asked a number of bystanders outside of Windsor Castle to share their messages of support amid Queen Elizabeth’s impending death.

The reporter addressed a young, blonde woman named Kate. Surprisingly, the woman did not give the CNN correspondent the answer he was likely anticipating.

When asked to share her “first reaction”, Kate responded, tactfully: “I think it’s sad when anyone gets in that position. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your own family member”.

She then added: “But I’m not the biggest fan of the queen or the monarchy in general so I wasn’t that upset. It’s just something that happens”

When asked to elaborate why she felt that way, Kate added: “Mainly to do with British colonial history, a lot of things that have gone on which have been quite shady. Even recently with Prince Andrew, so I’m not really their biggest fan”.

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Whilst many tweeps chastised the woman for the timing of her comment amid Queen Elizabeth’s deteriorating health, others praised her brutal honesty.

@ishenarobinson: “She gave a perfect answer. Colonialism and protecting Prince Andrew is the Queen’s legacy”

@1990CUTiger: “Totally respect her point of view and she articulated it well with a camera and mic in her face”

@Jay_Scorpion_: “Her response was good. She was honest without being disrespectful”

@pat_everett75: “·This gal is holding back so much, you can see her measuring her words to not start cussing on live TV”

@neeuskens: “I thought she was really respectful, actually. She said that she understands the feeling because she wouldn’t wish it on her own family but she’s also not a fan, so it’s not news that is gonna change her day, it’s just casual information”