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Proudly South African launches new ‘Buy Local’ campaign

Proudly South African’s (PSA) new ‘Buy Local’ consumer education campaign has gone live.

Proudly South African

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The campaign is aimed at getting South Africans to buy locally produced goods and services thereby contributing to boosting the local economy and creating jobs.

The new campaign features Dr John Kani, who was both the face and the voice of the PSA’s previous ‘Buy Local’ campaign. In the new edition, Kani takes on the role of South Africa’s president delivering an address to the nation.

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With unemployment numbers now standing at a record high of over 30%, the contracting South African economy is in trouble, along with the country’s debt levels, and those of its citizens, escalating alarmingly over the last few months.

This has been exacerbated by the recent pandemic and the economic inactivity induced by the lockdown restrictions.

The Buy Local campaign

Proudly South African says it is imperative for the country to get behind the “Buy Local” movement and take the collective responsibility of putting the economy back on its feet.

From the real President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, to the fictitious one in the commercial, there is a clarion call to action to support local businesses and for all sectors of society to participate in the regeneration of the economy, Proudly SA said.

If the country fails to heed this call, the period of economic recovery for South Africa will be significantly longer and economic hardship more protracted, it adds.
Proudly SA CEO Eustace Mashimbye said the organisation is hopeful that the campaign will resonate with the South African public and that they will see the benefits of buying locally manufactured goods, while also understanding the consequences of not supporting locally-owned businesses.

Proudly South African was established in 2001, born out of the 1998 Presidential Job Summit which was convened by Nelson Mandela. Its primary objectives are to combat the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

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