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Plain sailing: Living the dream on the journey of a lifetime

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to completely start over, to hit the reset button on life, to take a leap of faith and start a completely new life, custom-built to your very own specifications?


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It’s been almost three years since I made a decision that would change the course of my life completely.

One Saturday morning I purchased my late uncle’s sailing yacht just days before he passed away as a small favour so that his wife would not have the stress of dealing with it. Shortly thereafter, I was unchaining myself from a successful, yet increasingly boring investment banking career — and life as I knew it would never be the same.

Taking the plunge

I knew I needed to getting rid of everything I had that had no place on a boat. I also had to move onto the boat and live on it so that I could embark on a long journey of sailing around the world.

This has evolved into something far greater than a straight forward sailing journey around the world. It has become a fascinating life journey. And the craziest thing is that up until that Saturday morning, I barely knew anything about sail boats and what it takes to own and live on one, let alone the first thing on how to sail one.

But I took the risk; I ignored the naysayers who thought I’d completely lost my mind and thought that I was doing the impossible, given I barely had any capital to begin with and no means of an income to fund and support the lifestyle at the time. I still had to figure it out, build it, and fund it all along the way. But with a belief in myself, I took a leap of faith, and made the jump into the unknown in order to challenge myself, to throw myself into the deep end of a world of insecurity, uncertainty and extreme vulnerability.

I needed to push myself every day to make it happen, not thinking of whether or not it would work, but rather how far I could get. Because within all that, is exactly where all that pure, raw, unrefined experience in its essence is found. Life is not about the destination — we all know how that ends up. It’s the journey, the journey between the day you were born and the day you take your final breath — that amazing experience and the fascinating story in between that you create.

Ignoring the naysayers

You can imagine many said they’d see me back in a couple of months at the most, but here I am, almost three years later, still pressing and fighting on each day at a time. I first had to teach myself how to sail and have now singlehandedly sailed a few thousand miles whilst constantly racking up fascinating stories of life and adventures at sea.

There have been extraordinarily beautiful moments of sitting on the deck with a glass of wine in hand, anchored in the most stunning bays of Mediterranean islands with crystal clear turquoise blue water, staring in completely overwhelming awe at the most magnificent sunsets, questioning myself how this happened. But there have also been some frightening moments at sea and many challenges along the way, from crash landing on a beach in Mallorca during a raging storm, to times when it felt like I couldn’t go any further. But every day, a new stone is laid on this road and a new page in this story of a lifetime is written and I look forward to sharing it all with you.

Sailing into the future

In this coming series I’ll share with you in more detail about how this it all came about, what drove me to that point and beyond. I’ll share thoughts and stories of what brought me to where I am now and how I’ve coped.

I hope to not only entertain, but provide value, which may also help you through these current times we are living in, and who knows, it may even spark some new and inspirational ideas in you, and help you on your quest to get even more out of living your own best life.

So climb onboard, put your life jacket on, clip yourself in and let me take you on a little journey. You may want to bookmark or follow our social media platforms as well as take a look at my own to get even more insight into my daily life so you don’t miss any of it going forward.

I am Marky Warren, captain of sailing yacht Rose Rambler, and this is my story.