Understanding anemia in pet fish

Understanding pet fish. image: Pexels

Does my fish recognise me, or do they just want dinner?

Don’t be surprised if your fish perks up when you see them – it might recognize you! This doesn’t require fancy tricks, but memory.

Understanding anemia in pet fish

Understanding pet fish. image: Pexels

We all gaze into our aquariums, mesmerised by the colourful dance of our fishy friends. But have you ever wondered if they recognise you in return?

The answer, like a good fish tale, may surprise you. Studies suggest fish can develop a surprising level of recognition. Research with archerfish, a popular aquarium species, has shown they can distinguish between human faces. This ability likely translates to other pet fish species as well.

Veterinarian Dr. Adam Denish says we might be overlooking how smart fish are. Even though they have small brains and focus on finding food, there’s a chance we’re underestimating their intelligence.

Cracking the Code: How Fish Recognise Us

So, how do they do it? Fish likely rely on a combination of cues. Familiar sights, sounds, and even routines can tip them off. They may associate your approach with feeding time, becoming more active in anticipation of a tasty flake.

But it goes beyond mealtimes. Some fish owners report their finned friends becoming more active or approaching the glass when their owner is nearby. This suggests they recognise you as a familiar presence, even if they don’t quite understand you’re the one providing their dinner.

Strengthening the Bond: Building a Fishy Friendship

Here’s how to strengthen the bond with your fishy friend:

  • Feeding routine: Maintain a consistent feeding schedule. This helps your fish anticipate your arrival and associate you with something positive – food!
  • Chat it up: While they might not understand the words, talking to your fish can help them get accustomed to your voice.
  • Tank time: Spend some time each day observing your fish. This allows them to become familiar with you and your movements.

While your fish might not be greeting you by name, recognising their owner is a sign of intelligence and good aquarium care. So next time you gaze into the tank, remember – your finned friend might just be recognising you too!


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