Understanding dogs and music

Understanding dogs and music. Image: Pexels

Do dogs like music?

Do dogs interpret music as humans do, or does their hearing range restrict their understanding of musical notes?

Understanding dogs and music

Understanding dogs and music. Image: Pexels

We all love cranking up the tunes, but do our furry companions share our appreciation for music? The answer, like a dog’s wagging tail, is a cheerful maybe.

Dogs can certainly hear music. Their hearing is far superior to ours, detecting frequencies outside our range. However, deciphering music, with its complex melodies and rhythms, might be a different story.

Petplan states that the extent to which dogs perceive music akin to humans remains unclear. While dogs can detect sound, their hearing range might not make them as sensitive to musical notes.

Does Music Make a Mood?

Studies suggest music can influence canine emotions. Classical music seems to have a calming effect, while heavy metal might leave them feeling jittery. This is likely because dogs respond to the music’s overall tone, similar to how humans do.

Music Genre Matters

Not all music is created equal for canine ears. Pop music might not elicit much of a reaction, whereas reggae or music specifically composed for dogs, with slower tempos and simpler melodies, seems to be more engaging.

Memories and Associations

If you always play calming music during bath time, your dog might associate those soothing sounds with a pleasant experience. This learned association can influence their reaction to the music itself.

So, can dogs truly understand music? Probably not in the way humans do. However, they can definitely perceive and respond to the emotional undertones and rhythms. They might not be air-guitaring to a solo, but next time you put on some tunes, watch your dog’s behaviour. You might be surprised by their musical preferences!


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