5 hamster toys you absolutely need to get your pet

Here are 5 toys you need to get for your new hamster to keep them happy and active. Image: Alex Konokh/Unsplash

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As low maintenance as they are, our hamsters still need some kind of entertainment. Here are 5 toys to keep them busy.

5 hamster toys you absolutely need to get your pet

Here are 5 toys you need to get for your new hamster to keep them happy and active. Image: Alex Konokh/Unsplash

Hamsters are not only adorable little creatures, they are also very low-maintenance pets. However, they do require entertainment like any other pet.

While most people are familiar with popular hamster toys like the ball, you might be seeking fresh ideas.

Here are 5 toy suggestions that will help keep your hamster happy!

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1. The Hamster Wheel

When choosing a wheel, make sure it’s the right size for your hamster.

Also, avoid wheels with slats or bars because they can be dangerous and might trap your hamster’s paw, causing serious injury.

Many hamster cages already come with a wheel, but if your hamster doesn’t seem interested in it or if it doesn’t have a smooth surface, you may want to get a new one.

Sometimes, the wheel can be noisy. In that case, you can look for a quieter wheel or consider moving the cage to a different location in your home, away from where you sleep.

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Image: Matt Bero/Unsplash

2. Hamster Tubes

Another great option is hamster tunnels and tubes.

These can be simple or fancy structures that let your hamster climb and explore its living space.

You can find tubes that easily snap together, expanding your hamster’s habitat.

You can also create homemade tunnels using water bottles or paper towel rolls.

Sometimes hamsters are excellent at climbing up but struggle to come back down, similar to cats in trees.

When setting up the tubes, it’s important to ensure they can’t fall, and they have a way to come back down.

Image: Henry Lai/Unsplash

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3. Chewables

Hamsters have a natural need to chew and will spend a lot of time and energy gnawing on things.

It’s important to provide your hamster with things to gnaw on because their teeth keep growing.

Things like loofah pieces and applewood, taste good and help maintain your hamster’s dental health.

You can also recycle cardboard items to create homemade and affordable tubes and chewable items for your hamster.

Image: Ricky Kharawala/Unsplash

4. Hideout spots

Hamsters have a natural inclination to seek out dark and cozy hiding spots, especially during the day.

This is because they are nocturnal animals.

Although hiding might not sound exciting, it’s an essential aspect of your hamster’s comfort and well-being.

You can provide hiding places that make your hamster feel safe and content.

For instance, cereal boxes can create a dark and secure hideout for your hamster.

These boxes could also turn into something for your hamster to chew on.

Image: Sunira Moses/Unsplash

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5. A hammock

Everyone enjoys relaxing in a hammock on a warm day, and guess what? Your hamster can enjoy it too!

This soft and cozy hammock provides a perfect spot for your hamster to sleep on or snuggle inside.

Some hamsters might even have fun playing in this comfortable spot as much as they enjoy resting in it.

Image: Björn Antonissen/Unsplash

Happy – hamster toys – shopping!


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