Frozen toilet water.

Frozen toilet water. Image via Twitter

‘Pee first’: South Africans react to frozen toilet water

South Africans on Monday morning, 10 July reacted to a picture of a tweep, whose water in the toilet froze after temperatures hit below zero.

Frozen toilet water.

Frozen toilet water. Image via Twitter

Social media users were surprised on Monday, 10 July when a tweep @_xols shared a picture of her frozen water in the toilet.

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Though the social media user Noxolo with a handle @_xols didn’t reveal which part of South Africa she’s located, the SA Weather Service reported that icy conditions are being experienced across some parts of the country and expect temperatures to drop.

947 reported that temperatures have hit below zero overnight and Sunday, 9 July became the coldest night of the year so far.

South Africans also shared pictures and videos of snow from their living rooms on social media on Monday, 10 July.

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@Thabiso_Kgabung: “Pee first because its warm. It’ll melt. I can’t teach you everything.”

@_Chwama: Some of us are eating Have some shame.”

@marvin_H96: “Wow just frozen water makes you tell us you are eating? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”

@imalikhomagaqa: “Shit used to hit the fan now it breaks the ice.”

@Cedrinho21: “Lol how cold is your hoayikhona.”

@CastleLarger: “Imagine getting pneumonia through the bums I recommend holding it in until next week.”


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