The six best online jobs to co

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The six best online jobs to consider according to Adzuna

From a web designer to a Search Engine Optimisation expert, here are Adzuna’s top picks when it comes to choosing an online job.

The six best online jobs to co

Photo: Pixabay

With South Africa’s workforce in a less-than-desirable state, a lot of people have been forced to look for work-from-home positions. These kinds of roles offer you the flexibility to work from home while tending to your other commitments, says Adzuna who runs a search engine for job advertisements in SA and other places in the world.

Adzuna previously recorded data depicting the ten highest-paying second languages of 2019 and looked at the best city to find a job in SA. Now, they are considering what kind of online jobs are the best paid. Here’s what they found:

What kind of online jobs are the best paid?

For many, online gigs don’t seem like the best paying career options. We’ve all heard of job scams that require some kind of registration fee upfront, and nobody wants to fall down that rabbit hole. Adzuna did some digging and found a handful of great paying online jobs that you might want to consider right now! Here’s a quick look at what you might be able to find:

Web Designer

Web designers are perfect for individuals that know how to code and host websites. On average, these guys (and girls) make anything between R500 and R2000 per hour, depending on what specific skills they bring to the table.

Teaching English Online

TEFL is big at the moment, and most language schools are recruiting new online English teachers right now. The great news about online jobs like these is that you don’t need language-specific degrees to apply, all you need to do is to get certified in TEFL. Salaries for these jobs range between R100 and R200 per hour.


Working as a freelance writer, you could earn up to R300 per hour, and the more experience you have, the more you’ll be able to charge. Freelance writing jobs are on the rise in SA with a lot of companies now in need of fresh content for their websites, company profiles and blogs.


If you’ve got teaching qualifications, now is the time to start expanding your field of work into cyberspace. Virtual teaching is one of the best online jobs when it comes to salaries and since you do need formal training to land the job, the competition isn’t as fierce either. Expect to be paid anything between R200 and R500 per hour for an online tutoring job.


Virtual assistants are great with time management and have a working knowledge of IT. They also have clerical experience and are able to juggle a thousand tasks when the need calls for it. If you love the idea of becoming a PA but need more flexibility than a 9-5 gig offers, a virtual assistant role (and pay of roughly R250 per hour) could be your ideal fit!

SEO Expert

If you’ve got marketing experience, you have enough to get started in the field of SEO assistance. As an SEO expert, you’ll be making your client’s online presence work for them, boosting their search rankings and earning anything between R200 and R600 per hour.