Online dating for SA seniors i

Online dating for SA seniors is now completely safe, with thanks to a clever gadget

Online dating for seniors in particular, comes with a fair share of concern about safety and anonymity.

Online dating for SA seniors i

This information is brought to you by South African seniors dating site Golden Years

These concerns can now be a thing of the past, as the Online Dating Protector team has an invaluable system at their disposal.

It’s known as the Reported Member tool and it allows a highly trained team to review every reported profile, and to remove suspicious profiles with immediate effect.

With just once click, any profile that appears suspicious or inappropriate can be reported and it will immediately be marked as such. This profile is then rigorously checked by the team managing the programme.

The offender is given a written warning, and thereafter removed and blocked from the site. This ensures that anyone using the dating site feels that they have someone watching their back when it comes to online safety.

This creates a crucial sense of security, particularly for more senior online daters, as well as the families of these daters who might be concerned about their family member’s well being.

It has been discovered that the fastest growing audience on Facebook is seniors, so the founder of Golden Years, Johan, designed a bilingual site for his tech-savvy peers looking for love.

The support and guidance offered by the people at Golden Years make finding your special companion safe and enjoyable. And the implementation of the Reported Member tool, makes it even safer and a more pleasant environment for seniors in South Africa to find companionship.

Registration is free. To get connected, visit the website or read Johan’s blog to find out more.