Nonsi has revealed that she has lost 1.2 million followers. Image via Facebook @Cooking With Nonsi

From hero to zero: Influencer Nonsi loses 1.2 million followers

Nontsikelelo Nxumalo, also known as Nonsi, encountered controversy when Facebook banned her account, due to the creation of sexual content.


Nonsi has revealed that she has lost 1.2 million followers. Image via Facebook @Cooking With Nonsi

A renowned chef and social media influencer, Nontsikelelo Nxumalo who is affectionately known as Nonsi, faced controversy as Facebook banned her account, “Cucumber Pots,” with 1.2 million followers due to producing sexual content.

In response to this ban, Nonsi took to YouTube to share her story through a live video, expressing her frustration and disillusionment with the situation. In the video, she revealed that she had grown tired of producing cooking content on her other page, Cooking with Nonsi, leading her to open Cucumber Pots in December 2022.

The Rise of Nontsikelelo Nxumalo

Based in Finland, Nonsi gained fame as a talented chef and social media influencer. Her passion for cooking attracted a large following on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Through her page Cooking with Nonsi, she shared diverse culinary content, from recipes to engaging videos, that captivated her audience.

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The controversy surrounding Cucumber Pots

Despite her initial success, Nonsi’s journey took an unexpected turn when her Facebook account Cucumbers Pots came under scrutiny for producing sexual content. This controversial shift in content led to reports from some Facebook users, ultimately resulting in the ban of her account. The abrupt halt to her online presence left Nxumalo feeling disheartened and compelled her to address the situation directly through a live video on YouTube.

“When I heard that I was restricted, guys, the first thing I told my self was like thank God.”

Nonstikelelo Nxumalo

Nonsi’s response and revelations

In her candid video on YouTube, she expressed her frustration and disillusionment with the ban of Cucumbers Pots. She created the account to explore diverse content beyond traditional cooking videos. However, the negative reception and subsequent ban left her feeling demotivated and disenchanted with producing cooking content altogether.

The impact on Nonsi’s online presence

The ban on Cucumber Pots had a big effect on Nonsi’s online presence and job. Losing 1.2 million followers, she needs to rebuild her digital presence and regain her audience’s trust. This controversy sparked discussions about responsible content creation for online influencers.

As she deals with this tough time, her future isn’t clear. This situation is a big part of her career, regardless of whether she goes back to cooking content or tries new things online.