Waiter tipped R5 at restaurant

Waiter tipped R5 at restaurant. Image via TikTok @qiqqa16

‘That’s an insult’: SA slams patron for tipping waiter R5

South Africans are criticising a patron for proudly tipping a waiter R5 after spending R480 on his meal at a Waterfront restaurant.

Waiter tipped R5 at restaurant

Waiter tipped R5 at restaurant. Image via TikTok @qiqqa16

A TikToker was slammed on social media when he shared his bill of R480 on social media and revealed that he tipped the waiter R5 after having his meal.

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The TikToker @qiqqa16 also reveals in the video that he wasn’t impressed with the Den Anker restaurant waiter who rejected his R5 tip because it was the only money he had left.

“Hello guys, so I am at Dan Anker. So, what happened is that we are out. We ordered and the bill came and the person I am with said I am not gonna be able to tip this guy. So, I gave the tip of R5. Tell me if I am wrong?”

A South African @gentlebjgiant on X replied: “Are you aware that some waiters doesn’t gets salaries but lives on tips? R5 is an insult as far as I’m concerned.”

@lee_mlam also slammed the patron and replied: “Just don’t tip than giving 5 rands … what can u buy with 5 rands?”

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@ZuluMbekezeli: “Tipping a waiter is not a must some waiters demand from a bill of say R6000 a 10% which is R600 – I never tip 10% in those instances I only tip with R200 that’s enough for a tip Remember a tip is not a salary but just a tip.”

@iSpeakCowish: “Why are they not getting the minimum wage as prescribed by our labour laws? Once we pay salaries then its no longer a tip, the restaurant must factor the salaries in the wage bill.”

@katlego_danko: “Aowa bro meaning they work for free. They get paid it’s just not enough for them to live like travil, rent, groceries tip is what they hoping for will increase their salary some ibile they take that tip after work and buy alcohol with it.”

@ZeeNahTee22: “Who hired those waiters? So, if everyone at a restaurant spends a R100 on a meal how much tip must the waiter get?”

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