Ben Dey In Flow

Ben Dey is set to release his solo debut , ‘In Flow’, on 26 November. Image: Supplied

‘Natural Mystic’: Ben Dey channels Limpopo pride in Bob Marley cover

Limpopo-born musician Ben Dey pays tribute to reggae pioneer Bob Marley in his new single and music video ahead of his 10-track debut album, ‘In Flow’.

Ben Dey In Flow

Ben Dey is set to release his solo debut , ‘In Flow’, on 26 November. Image: Supplied

Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions are an afro/indie pop-rock band based in Cape Town co-founded by Dey and Ongama Mona in 2015. Ahead of the release of his solo debut album, In Flow, Dey has paid tribute to Bob Marley in his cover of the reggae music legend’s Natural Mystic

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Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions’ sound is unique and has captured audiences both locally and internationally with their single Matter of Time which was released during the peak of lockdown in South Africa last year. 

Due to the lockdown, the music video had to be shot with the band apart against the backdrop of scenes of calm waters and breathtaking landscapes. 

Matter of Time has been their last release as a band, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll release another bold anthem! 


Ben Dey was born in one of the rural villages of Limpopo but now resides in Cape Town.

Dey’s solo album, In Flow, is set to drop on 26 November and will be a 10-track album. The album features the likes of Tye Waves, Zac Overdose and DJ, Mutual Brothers. 

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Ben Dey paid tribute to Jamaican singer-songwriter Bob Marley in his first single from the upcoming album, In Flow. The music video of the single, titled Natural Mystic (Ollyvans Studios mix), explores the beautiful landscapes of South Africa’s Limpopo province. 

Directed by Richard Gorven, the music video shows the lively spirit of the young and the freedom of elephants, springbok and giraffes.

The video brings the Bob Marley tribute to life as Dey sings: “There’s a natural mystic through the air, if you listen carefully you will hear.” 

Watch and listen to ‘Natural Mystic’