Saffas living abroad unite oth

Saffas living abroad unite other expats through a video diary series

South Africans, Retha and Miguel Sanchez, have come up with an ingenious way to help other South African expats and to keep their Saffa ties strong.

Saffas living abroad unite oth

Retha and Miguel are both strong believers in the potential and undeniable beauty of South Africa, and they have discovered, on all their travels, that South Africans are fiercely patriotic when they’re away from home.

Aware of the realities of living in South Africa and being South African, they created the web series South Africans Zabroad. The initiative aims to remind South Africans abroad of that special something that Saffas have.

The video series plays out as a kind of digital diary which depicts the lives of South African expats in their new environments, whilst also providing valuable information on the country they are in; travel tips and places to see.

The videos are a series of informal, on-the-go interviews with South Africans from all walks of life who reveal a regular day in their new lives, often including footage of their home, place of work, favourite spots for hanging out or undiscovered gems in their city.

The objective is simple: to connect South Africans abroad with their families, friends and fellow Saffas, while giving them relevant information to make their transition a little bit easier.

Episodes 1 and 2 are already made and on YouTube, with a planned 20+ episodes for season 1, covering countries like Thailand, Korea, Holland, France and Germany.

Retha and Miguel say, “This international team brings the quirky adventures, trials, tribulations, and experiences of your loved ones abroad to a device in your hand. We bring you the silver lining of having your nearest and dearest far from home.”