It’s all about gang numbers, t

It’s all about gang numbers, the Cape Flats and heart-stopping moments

As part of the South Africa at 20 comes Four Corners, a South African film by director Ian Gabriel that won Best Narrative Feature at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival in 2014

It’s all about gang numbers, t

Four Corners is a beautiful portrayal of characters living in a gang-dominated environment, governed by violent circumstances, but bringing them together in the most profound ways.

Set in the Cape flats, the film highlights a unique subculture on the outskirts of Cape Town. The area is dominated by a brotherhood of two gangs named after the numbers 26 and 28, where both gangs are fighting for territory both in and out of prison.

The opening scene creates the reality of the environment with a bloody teenager and a gunshot wound. The next scene transports viewers into a frightening prison scene at Pollsmoor where Farakhan (Brendon Daniels), a 28 General, is being released from prison after 13 years. His last act as a 28 is to claim back his father’s shackled home which is now in the 26 territory to live a quieter life – ‘a river of peace’. But violence controls the streets, more so now than before he left.

Meanwhile, parentless and raised by his grandmother, 13-year-old Ricardo (Jezzriel Skei) has a chance at being a chess prodigy. But he’s getting involved in the life of the 26 gang. His playful character brings softness to the film within the harshness of the 26 gang leader (Irshaad Ally), who is trying to entice Riccardo into dangerous situations with money and protection to be in this brotherhood.

Adding to the storyline, detectives are trying to solve a missing boy’s case in the area and a doctor has returned from London to attend her father’s funeral and it is with these characters that the story intertwines and connects so well with those being led by a life of violence and those trying to steer away from it.

With captivating cinematography highlighting the run down suburbs, scenes of unadulterated trauma and heart-stopping moments, Four Corners will undoubtedly open your eyes to other side of the world’s best holiday destinations.