Things you’ve learnt after liv

Things you’ve learnt after living in London for a couple of years

London is a populous city of about 8.5 million yet you still manage to bump into friends in unexpected pubs and bars

Things you’ve learnt after liv
1. Tube lines are rainbow-coloured. The sooner you memorise these colours, the sooner you’ll be able to follow the maps: red is Central, yellow is Circle, green is District, grey (or silver?) is the newest line Jubilee (the newest one), and black is the notorious Northern Line.


2. Tube signs saying ‘Service closed’ or ‘Part closure’ means you are being given time to read the free poems on the Underground.


3. If you exit the Tube at Covent Garden you can race the lift up the 193 stairs and give yourself a heart attack when you reach the top and finally breathe some fresh air.


4. The Notting Hill Carnival is incredible the first time you visit it but boring in subsequent years.


5. Richmond is actually in London at the end of the line and for the very rich!


6. Leaving London for a break in the countryside is a welcome relief from the traffic congestion and pollution.


7. London is a populous city of 8,6 million yet you still manage to bump into friends in unexpected pubs and bars.


8. You can live in Brighton, enjoy the pebble beaches (not!), and still commute to London to work every day.


9. Westfield is neither ‘West’ nor a ‘field’ but a huge shopping centre where you can get lost and was more fun when it was first built for the Olympics.


10. Zone 6 really is the outer zone of the London ‘dart board’ and if someone tries selling you tickets to zone 7 then you are on the Tube line to nowhere with your Oyster card.


11. You become used to some buses who are adorned with graffiti and filled with interesting odours when full of standing passengers.


12. Small and cramped flats and houses are where you and all of your things are expected to squeeze into.


13. You will encounter European school trips on the Tube and on foot so be patient with all of those school kids looking around with wide-eyed wonder.


14. The theatres often have plays and shows on that you’d love to see but by the time you’ve saved up to see them, they are off the circuit.


15. Saving cash to travel across Europe means spending boring weekends on low cost activities in London.


16. Giving directions to tourists will happen and you can decide whether to have a little fun and send them off in the opposite direction or give clear directions where to go (if you even know yourself!).


17. Pigeons will hang around you in Trafalgar Square so you should share your sandwiches even if there are signs telling you not to feed the birds.