Dan Patlansky set to dish out

Dan Patlansky set to dish out the best blues rock on the block

South African guitarist, singer/songwriter and “globally respected purveyor of the blues” will be rocking the UK this weekend.

Dan Patlansky set to dish out

“Everyone is talking about this South African singer/guitarist these days. You will be too after you’ve wrapped your eardrums around this potent dose of blue rock.”

These words from The Blues Magazine UK perfectly sum up the genius that is Dan Patlansky.

Dan has just finished a European tour with the legendary Joe Satriani where, according to critics, Dan showed himself to be one of the most interesting new blues rockers on the block.

Dan demonstrated his “own guitar prowess and songwriting skills not least an impressive ‘Backbite’ from his excellent album ‘Dear Silence Thieves’,” wrote Get Ready To Rock.

Growing up in South Africa, Dan listened to a lot of ‘Blues/Rock’ on vinyl with his parents. He claims that his unique sound has been influenced by the original African Blues/Rock.

Dan’s UK gigs this weekend

Tonight (4 December) Dan will be playing at the Planet Rockstock festival in Wales where he will tease the audience with a sneak preview of a few new album tracks in amidst his ‘rocky’ set.

Saturday (5 December) Dan will entertain a London audience at The Borderline with a full set of Blues Rock.

Finally on Sunday (6 December) Dan will host a special once-off acoustic show at the South African hot spot, GJ’s Wandsworth.



According to Dan, the acoustic gig will be “a lot more intimate and experimental experience for the audience and myself,” jokingly adding, “No cover requests please!”

Tickets include good old South African hospitality, a boerewors roll and a Sol or Savanna Dry.

What’s next for Dan?

After a well-deserved break with the family, Dan will jump straight into the final planning and strategy for his new electric album which is scheduled for release in April 2016.

He will then be back in Europe for May/June 2016 and is planning to showcase in the US and Australia thereafter.