UK Immigration Appeals and Adm

UK Immigration Appeals and Administrative Reviews

BIC advise all our clients and readers that before proceeding with any kind of UK Visa or Immigration application, to please seek legal advice because failure to do so may seriously jeopardise your application and your right to appeal.

UK Immigration Appeals and Adm

Having your UK Visa refused, can be a very worrying and stressful time. It is, therefore, in the first instance crucial that every UK Visa application is carefully checked and planned by a qualified UK Immigration expert. Even seemingly irrelevant, or incorrect details and ommissions can lead to a UK Visa being turned down.

Fortunately, should your UK Visa application be refused, in most cases an appeal or administrative review is possible. The OISC registered UK Immigration Consultants at BIC, have more than 15 years’ experience handling immigration appeal matters and can advise clients on their options and chances of success.

UK Rights of Appeal

The UK Immigration laws concerning the rights of appeal have changed drastically, and these changes have come into effect in the last few months. The grounds to appeal a UK Immigration decision have been limited and in many cases a right of appeal has not been granted.

The Rights of Appeal now exist under the following decisions:

  1. The Refusal of a Human Rights or protection claim and revocation of protection status. These appeal rights are in Part 5 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.
  2. Refusal of entry clearance and refusal to vary leave to remain, in some situations, where the application was made before the Immigration Act 2014 was in force.
  3. Refusal to issue an EEA family permit as well as certain other EEA decisions. These appeal rights are in Regulation 26 of the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006.
  4. The Deprivation of Citizenship. Section 40A of the British Nationality Act 1981 applies.

When you are not given a right of appeal, there is the option to apply for an administrative review. An administrative review is where the Home Office will review the decision and depending on their findings; they can either overturn the decision or confirm that the decision is correct.

Fortunately, the consultants at BIC have helped many of our clients get their decision overturned by submitting an administrative review. Clients can be assured that they will be provided with constant support and advice from the moment they instruct us to lodge an appeal or submit an administrative review. Your consultant will work to ensure that you are represented to the highest standard giving you the greatest chance of success.

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