Tips for a smooth UK Visa application

Want to know how you can ensure a smooth visa application?


Some of the tips might seem obvious, but one would be surprised to see how many people make the most obvious mistakes when planning for their visa applications.

  • Apply for your extension or new visa before your current visa expires

This might seem very logical, but a surprising number of people fall into this trap. Make sure you have enough time to get all the information and documents ready before your current visa or permit expires. If you have already fallen into this trap, we advise that you contact BIC as soon as possible to arrange a consultation to find out what options you have.

  • Ensure that you have a current, valid passport.

If your current passport has expired or is due to expire before you submit your visa application, you must arrange to apply for a new passport. Please note that for certain applications, you may be required to have a longer validity date left on your passport at the point of application.

  • Original documents

Ensure that you have your birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate or any other original documentation required for your visa application at hand. Most applications require original documentation. 

  • Know the requirements of your current UK visa

All Visas issued for Entry Clearance and Further Leave to Remain come with requirements. Ensure you know what these are and that you are following them up to the point of application and continue to do so if you are extending your visa.

  • Criminal Convictions

If you have a criminal conviction, it could affect your visa application depending on the date of conviction, amount and the sentence issued. You must always keep the relevant documents, that comes with it and be truthful and honest about any convictions. The Home Office runs checks on all applicants. If you have not declared your convictions on the application form, you may receive an automatic refusal and could be faced with a ban from re-entering the United Kingdom.

  • English language requirement

It is important to know how you are going to meet this requirement. There are various ways to do this, but you must ensure that you meet the requirements at the correct level. Please ensure that you speak to your BIC consultant to double check that you are fulfilling the English language requirement at the correct level.

  • Make sure you have the money available for the application fee

Save up for the application fee, which could be hefty for some applications. Please also keep in mind that apart from the Home Office fee, the Immigration Health Surcharge is payable with most UK visa applications. Please speak to your Breytenbachs consultant for more information.

  • Do not book any overseas travels

We advise our clients not to book any overseas holidays or trips until you have the approved application and documents back. The Home Office processing times varies for different types of applications and depending on the volume of applications they have.

Please note that at the time of publishing this, all of the above information is correct. Requirements for Immigration change and evolve regularly. We understand that there is lots of information to take in and lots of requirements to meet, and it can be very overwhelming.

Why not arrange a consultation with Breytenbachs and allow us to ease the burden and help you with the application? We offer a professional, friendly and exemplary service that will put your mind at ease and ensure that the application process is smooth and efficient! Please visit our website for more information or please fill out the form below.