Ask the experts – does my land

Ask the experts – does my landlord need to check my immigration status?

Based on the new legislation, landlords cannot provide residency to illegal immigrants and will be penalised for doing so

Ask the experts – does my land


I have heard that landlords will now be expected to check one’s immigration status before renting property. Can you please tell me more about this?


Since 1 December 2014, landlords in the West Midlands (Birmingham, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton) are required to check a tenant’s right to rent. Under the new legislation landlords will face penalties if they rent property to illegal immigrants.

The new measures will apply to landlords of private residential property and new tenancy agreements. Landlords will not need to check the immigration status of existing tenants. In most cases a right to rent check just means checking that a prospective tenant has certain documents, such as a passport or bio-metric residence permit. Photocopies of these documents will have to be kept by the landlord, as prove that the check has been carried out.

This legislation is expected to be rolled out to other areas in the UK in the near future.

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