Are you an artist? This South


Are you an artist? This South African visa could be for you

South Africa’s art scene is one of the most dynamic in the world, with creativity oozing from South African galleries, street corners, sidewalks, traffic lights, remote rural villages, and everywhere in between.

Are you an artist? This South


It’s impossible for an artist to visit South Africa and not be inspired by the pan-African music, the vibrant street art, the literature and theatre, and the traditional and experimental painting, printmaking and sculpture.

What is the best way for overseas artists to immerse themselves in the South African art world, while drawing inspiration and producing new work of their own?

South African visa options for artists

In addition to the standard three-month visas granted to most short-term visitors to South Africa, the South African government also offers a number of long-term visitor visa options. South Africa grants long-term visitor visas to foreign journalists, academic researchers, lecturers, and entertainers performing in South Africa. And for those in the creative fields, South Africa offers a visitor’s visa for artists who wish to write, paint or sculpt.

The application process

The application process for the artist’s visa is straightforward, requiring applicants to submit standard paperwork – police clearances, medical reports, bank statements, etc. – together with a comprehensive portfolio of past artwork. Artists must document their ability to support themselves financially for the proposed duration of their stay in South Africa, as well as proof of medical insurance and housing.

The application process takes a few weeks at most (artists must apply at the South African embassy or consulate in their home country) and visas are generally granted for one to three years. The visa is valid for the approved number of years, commencing from the date of entry into the country.

The artist’s visa provides a great opportunity for artists to experience South Africa’s art through the eyes of a local, rather than as a short-term visitor. For more information contact SA Visa Experts.

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