Tourism in South Africa


The Critical Skills Visa list for South Africa will soon be changing

The Critical Skills list for South Africa is in the process of being reviewed.

Tourism in South Africa


Home Affairs states that the purpose of this revision is to attract and maintain critically skilled labour in South Africa to increase growth, transformation and economic growth.

A reviewed Critical Skills list

A review to the Critical Skills list could open doors for some foreigners as it may grant skilled and qualified foreigners an opportunity to build a life and a career in South Africa; however, it may also close doors for others. Occupations such as the Corporate General Manager amongst others are facing the possibility of being removed off the list.

An amendment to the Critical Skills list suggests an expansion to the current list of professions, which provides the opportunity to non-South Africans to work and live in South Africa under a Critical Skills Visa. Furthermore, it allows the opportunity to foreign students who studied and graduated or are to graduate from South African institutions with a qualification on the Critical Skills list to apply for permanent residency post-graduation.

The list is ranked in order of demand, from highest to high and will be updated approximately every two years unless decided otherwise. The new list has been drafted; however, Home Affairs is still to formally release their finalised version of the list.

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