mother's day.

One woman thinks that only wives should be celebrated on Mother’s Day. Image via Unsplash

Mother’s Day: Woman says husbands must only spoil wives – not moms

‘Mother’s Day not Wive’s Day’: A woman has been slammed for saying grandmothers don’t deserve to be spoiled on Mother’s Day.

mother's day.

One woman thinks that only wives should be celebrated on Mother’s Day. Image via Unsplash

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for her unpopular opinion on Mother’s Day and who should be spoiled on the special day that is usually dedicated to all mothers. According to her, men who have wives must forget about their own mothers and spoil their wives instead.

The post did not sit well with many social media users who wholeheartedly disagreed with her one-of-a-kind sentiments.

Woman rocks the net with unpopular Mother’s Day opinion

Mother’s Day is only days away and many women are excitedly anticipating the one day of the year that they are treated to all things nice by their children who usually go out of their way to make the day as special as possible.

One TikToker however, doesn’t think all mothers deserve special treatment – especially those whose sons have gotten married and now have wives.

Taking to the app earlier this week, Sophi Raft, an American mom, shared how she believes that sons need to only pay attention to their wives on the special day and forget about their moms.

According to Sophi, “grandmothers need to step down and let their sons spoil their wives for being mothers instead of them.”

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TikTok users definitely disagrees with her

The video did not go down well with other TikTok users who slammed her for being selfish towards grandmothers who brought children into the world.

One app user, kalynlucas215 said:

“I totally disagree… it’s Mother’s Day not Wife’s Day… If you want to celebrate wait until your kids can spoil you not your husband… we paid our dues!!!”

Meanwhile, Sophi received so much backlash for the video that she decided that it was best to remove it from her page.

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