Moriah Mills

Moriah Mills Image via Instagram @thisismoriahmills

Moriah Mills says she can’t make friends because she’s ‘too attractive’

Moriah Mills says she has had a hard time making friends with other women because their partners find her ‘too attractive’.

Moriah Mills

Moriah Mills Image via Instagram @thisismoriahmills

Imagine being so attractive that you can’t make any friends because all your friends’ boyfriends want to date you? This is the struggle model Moriah Mills is currently having. She explained that she used to care about it, but now she just chooses to focus on herself. 

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Moriah Mills is a 27-year-old model and rapper from New York who says she has had a rough time trying to make friends because all her female friends’ partners are interested in her.

Moriah says that most women have been judgemental towards her because their partners are romantically interested in her. 

“I’m super nice but maybe they feel that I’m conceited because of my looks. They couldn’t be more wrong. I’m very down to earth.” 


Moriah continued to say that she has always done her own thing and describes herself as “a bit of a loner” noting that she prefers her own company. She also says that she is super nice. 

“I don’t really trust people and I don’t worry that I haven’t got a best friend. I used to care but now I just love myself.”

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Moriah says that she gets a lot of attention from men. “I love romance and being wined and dined. I never have a shortage of male admirers to take me out,” she says. 

Although she has trouble making friends with women, she says that she is mostly friends with men. “I wouldn’t call them up for dinner and drinks to hang out.”

Moriah says that she works for herself and her dog Charlie and she has all she needs.