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Bernini shines the spotlight on powerful women in the world of media

The team behind Bernini – SA’s much loved real Natural Sparkling Grape Frízzante – is back with another episode of The Squadcast – with new host Penny Lebyane in the driving seat.


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This time the talk is about ‘hot’ topics related to the world of Media and Social Media ranging from ‘Is Cancel Culture a positive thing?’ to ‘Why being an influencer is a real job,’ under discussion.  

First launched as a podcast series during Women’s Month in 2020, The Squadcast has stepped up and is now being presented as engaging YouTube video content, reaching millions of women across SA – and for the first-time audiences have a view of guests and the infectious energy they bring to each conversation.

Glamorous entrepreneur and digital content creator Melody Molale, popular television presenter and entertainment personality Roxy Burger and entrepreneur Nomndeni Mdakhi –founder of Agenda Women – are the phenomenal women who once again join Lebyane in conversation. These are all stylish successful women from the entertainment, media and broader business industries who hustle in sparkling style, yet always make time to support the women in their lives.

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We spoke to Roxy Burger and Melody Molale about how they have navigated the waters as women in the media and how they juggle the many roles they take on.  They also share insights into ‘hot’ topics relating to how the media and social media landscape impacts the lives of women.

Q: Roxy, you started your career in broadcasting at the age of 10 and you’ve hosted shows on nearly every broadcasting network in South Africa, including MTV, KTV and the SABC.  Tell us about how your career began and why you chose a career in the spotlight. 

Growing up I was a KTV fan and told my mom I wanted to be a TV presenter. I nagged and nagged until she called them and they pointed us in the direction of my first agent. I did the audition route and the rest as they say, is history.  

Q: Melody, you are a successful entrepreneur, an image consultant, digital content creator and brand strategist.  Tell us about your journey – how did your career begin and to what do you attribute your success – I’m sure it does come with its challenges? 

A: My journey started many years ago soon after I graduated.  I was offered a position as junior account executive at a PR agency. Although I appreciated the opportunity to work, I always knew my passion was fashion. The challenge was figuring out where and how to start. When I stumbled across blogging it became that outlet for me and that’s where content creation began for me. Over the years the biggest challenge has been convincing brands to invest in influencer marketing because when I started out it was still a new phenomenon. 

Q: Roxy, as a successful and glamorous woman who juggles many roles, how have you managed to stand up to a world that tends to stereotype women into one dimensional roles – and to show the world all that you are?

I think if you meet me in person you would know that I am very outspoken and opinionated. I always have been. I hate being stereotyped. It irked me when I was constantly described as the “bubbly blonde”. But I’ve also grown to the point where I am confident in myself and my own worth and I actually don’t worry too much about what others think of me. 

Q: Melody, what is your take on how Cancel Culture impacts women in the spotlight?  Do you think it’s a primarily positive or negative phenomenon? 

At times cancel culture does seem to be harsher on women, which is really unfortunate. If cancel culture is about holding individuals accountable then it should be applied fairly across the board. 

Q: Roxy, what does it mean to you to personally to be part of The Squadcast?  Why did you decide to participate? 

When I was asked to take part I jumped at the opportunity. Any brand that gives women a platform such as this to freely speak their minds is a brand that I can believe in. It was such a phenomenal experience to chat amongst strong, independent, driven ladies and create thought provoking conversation. I LOVED it! 

The 2nd episode of this YouTube series that kicked off on Monday 9 August – National Women’s Day – is accessible HERE.   

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