Mel Viljoen – The woman behind

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Mel Viljoen – The woman behind the brand

(Partner Content) A woman with a passion, now a business mogul shares how she became the country-wide franchisor and how you can be a part of the empire.

Mel Viljoen – The woman behind

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Growing up in Limpopo, Melany Viljoen (née Lindeque) knew that one day she would be a business owner, and that the business she wanted to be in was beauty. 

“As a teenager, I was always doing my nails – either myself or having them done,” she says. “I knew that beautiful nails meant a lot to a woman, because I understood the fundamental inner confidence that being well-presented can bring to a person, even at that young age.”

Fast forward to 2020, and Melany has been at the helm of the highly successful Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa franchise for the better part of a decade. Growing from a single salon owned and operated by Melany herself in Pretoria, Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is now a force to be reckoned with in the nail and beauty industry, with salons across the country, and more opening every month.

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Getting to know the brand is key

The brand is high-end and glamorous, focusing on a luxury experience that offers something unique – the combination of personal attention, beautiful surroundings, top quality products and value for money. 

“I was initially attracted to the Tammy Taylor brand by the unwavering commitment to excellence of Tammy herself, and after meeting with her in the USA, I knew this was a concept I could successfully implement in South Africa,” explains Melany. “I made sure I knew the product inside out, learning how to apply it for the best results, and secured the sole distribution rights in Africa before coming home.”

With an impressive array of beauty successes behind her name, Melany’s business success speaks for itself, but who is the woman behind Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa? “I still love nails, after all these years,” says Melany. “Every night in my free time, I’m busy with nails in some shape or form! Either I’m practicing new techniques, testing new products, designing new nail art or perfecting a new style, or I’m busy with the branding and marketing side of the business.”

A sparkling brand that is always in style

Melany actively follows trends from all the top fashion houses and incorporates these into Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa’s product offerings. “I also make sure I stay on top of the latest in branding and marketing techniques, whether on social media, in the press, on radio or via customer engagement such as newsletters and competitions,” she explains. “It is very important to me to be at the forefront of what our clients are looking for – customer experience is everything at Tammy Taylor, and offering them the very best is critical for our continued success.”

Melany has a keen sense of what makes a brand successful, and has been quick to capitalise on trends before others have seen them coming. “For example, Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa was the first in the industry to start embedding real natural diamonds in sculpted acrylic nails,” she says. “We use diamond tools and drill bits to ensure a flawless finish, and the result is amazing!”

Innovative product and service offerings such as diamonds and champagne are what set Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa apart from the rest of the industry, and this level of service and attention to detail is something Melany is very proud of. 

Since most of her spare time is spent doing nails, marketing nails, innovating about nails and generally thinking about nails, what else keeps her occupied? “I do love to travel,” says Melany. “My favourite place to visit overseas is Los Angeles, and in South Africa it’s Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal. I’m drawn to the beach, so anywhere near the sea is a place I enjoy visiting. I got married in Cabo on the beach, and my husband and I love to go to the beach any time we are able to slip away from the hustle and bustle of business life.”

Melany’s style is classic and elegant, and this comes through in the styling of both the brand and its extensions, such as the interior of the salons. “I have a great appreciation for quality and attention to detail,” says Melany. “Whether that’s in the way you present yourself or the way you do business, even how you keep your home, I feel that being well put together is the foundation of making a success out of whatever you set your mind to.”