Switchcom – South Africa’s lea

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Switchcom – South Africa’s leading wired and wireless solutions for businesses

(Partner Content) We connect people, that is what we do best, and we are dedicated to always supporting our clients with the very best products and a valued service that gives them what they need in order to elevate their business position.

Switchcom – South Africa’s lea

Image supplied by Switchcom

Switchcom, a South African based company founded in 2015, is one of the leading institutions when it comes to wired and wireless solutions. We offer a varied range of products which include fibre cables and accessories, structured cabling, installation materials, VoIP equipment, wireless network equipment, surveillance cameras and much more. 

Our product range has been set up in such a way that we can provide our clients with a reliable end-to-end solution that will help us achieve our company vision. We focus on sales, technical support, distribution, financing and training for sub-distributors, resellers, internet service providers, wireless internet service providers, end-users and installers.

Our company was founded on the mission to serve our clients with knowledge, inspiration and passion. We push our team to grow through learning, providing helpful support, and by giving time to our client base so that they can achieve their goals. 

What does Switchcom Offer, what brands: Authorized distributor?

We’ve founded our company on the knowledge that wireless networking has a fierce reputation for being immensely flexible. With this in mind, we’ve created a product catalogue that helps our clients find that perfect solution for their environment. We are South Africa’s only distributor of ALGCOM products which include antennas, armoured boxes, horn sectors, and AC/DC UPSs which are designed to fit all kinds of installation requirements. We also distribute MikroTik, Poynting, Mimosa, Ubiquiti, and Cambium. 

For those in need of wired networking solutions we have network cabinets, indoor and outdoor cables, switches, routers, flyleads and patch panels. 

We work with a diverse market and as a result we make sure that the unique needs and security concerns of our clients are taken care of. 

Because we service such a range of clients, we supply a range of reliable brands including Mercusys, Fortinet, TP-Link, Totolink, Extralink, D-link, Huawei, Tenda, and Netgear. 

Unlike other companies in our industry, we’ve created our very own, in-house fibre range available to our clients at a fantastic price. As a part of this range we have mid couplers, OTDR’s, pigtails, patch leads, fibre cable, splicers, and distribution boxes. Rentals can be arranged. 

We don’t solely focus on the sales of products but rather on how that product is going to offer our clients something valuable. Nowhere is this best seen than with our surveillance systems which fit in neatly with residential, smart retail and banking solutions. 

We are experts when it comes to Dahua and Hikvision, which goes a long way towards ensuring that our clients experience real value with each product they receive. We specifically work with Western Digital, Seagate and Samsung when it comes to video storage. 

Additionally, we support Fanvil, Gigaset, Snom and Grandstream, for complete VoIP solutions as well as end-user devices. 

With our services, clients can completely focus on the important aspects of their business while we provide them with everything they will need. To do this, we supply installation materials which include conduit, aluminium, and trunking, along with brackets, cable ties, nuts, bolts, and galvanised poles. 

Some of the services we can offer our clients include: 

  • Emergency stock collection over weekends and public holidays as well as the Christmas and New Year period when most distribution tends to stop. 
  • Providing financing options which range from the conventional 30 days to the more accommodating 120 days. This option allows our customers to bid for big business contracts that would otherwise be impossible to handle. 
  • Price matching as well as negotiating for affordable deals when it comes to bulk purchases. 
  • Sourcing additional stock that would not normally be on our stock list. 
  • Providing our clients with free delivery for local orders over R 2 500 and national orders over R 10 000 (excluding VAT).

What are the benefits of using switchcom in your business?

We function with a rather simple ethos which is to deliver only the very best products to our clients. We have built a reliable, working business model which has time and again beaten the expectations of our clients. We do this by always aiming to provide them with everything they could possibly need for their project. 

We also strive to always be available to our clients especially for those emergency situations. We are available over weekends and during public holidays as well as over the often quiet Christmas/New Year period. 

For those smaller businesses who need to compete with bigger institutions for business contracts, we provide a range of finance options which ensure that they can run their business successfully. 

To ensure that our customers are able to save money, we also provide free delivery. 

Where is Switchcom Distribution Based?

Switchcom Distribution is situated in Johannesburg/Gauteng (49 Galaxy Ave in Linbro business park).

Step by step guide how to get your hands on the highest quality brands in South Africa.

You can also check us out on social media platforms:

  • Email us at sales@switchcom.co.za
  • Call us on 010 007 2555

If you’d like to become a dealer, you can fill in an application on our website or contact us. One of our consultants will email it to you. 

Once you have registered with us, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits we offer. 

If you working in networking or if you are a telecommunications technician, ISP, Networking Retailer, WISP, Reseller, service provider, or installer, you can register with us. 

We aim to become the supplier of choice for those in Southern Africa.