Massimo’s is helping animals find a home. Image via Unsplash

Pizzeria helps animals find homes with ‘adopt me’ flyers in takeaways

Massimo’s in Hout Bay is not only the home of the best pizza in Africa, but is now also helping animals find their forever home.


Massimo’s is helping animals find a home. Image via Unsplash

Massimo’s Pizzeria has just started a new initiative to help welfare animals find their forever families and it’s just so heartwarming. The restaurant has now begun putting “adopt me” posters on their takeaways to make more people aware of the animals that are in need of a home.

Massimo’s does its bit to help animals find homes

Nestled in Hout Bay, is Massimo’s Pizzeria, a restaurant owned by Massimo and Tracy. The couple and their team have been growing the pizzeria since 2009 and were recently named as the best place to eat pizza in all of Africa.

Just when people thought the place couldn’t get any better, they launched a new campaign with an animal rescue group called Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) to help get little puppies placed in homes with loving families.

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The campaign sees Massimo’s place a flyer of a different animal on each of their takeaway boxes to help that animal find a home with interested customers. Brando is the first animal who was used on one of the flyers and will hopefully be placed in a new home soon.

Always extending a helping hand

This is not the first time Massimo’s has worked with DARG to raise funds for the animals in need.

“We give them R1 for every frozen pizza sold, R5 for every Luna (bacon, feta & avo), and R5 for every pack of boozy Christmas Crackers. During the first lockdown for 4 months, we gave daily meals to the 15 staff that were living there to look after animals.”

DARG is a pro-life organisation that rescues, cares for, sterilises, and re-homes abused, neglected, and abandoned cats and dogs, reports Good Things Guy.

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