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Make a statement: A mask is the new must-have fashion accessory

Wearing a mask has become an integral part of life and is fast becoming a fashion accessory that demands style and panache.


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Why don a plain black mask when you can make a statement without saying a word with an art-inspired designer piece?   

South African-based cultural institution an art collective, created an initiative whereby local artists design masks that feature intricate details of their existing artworks. Contributing artists include Andre Naude, Colin Cole, Willie van Rensburg, Gordon Froude, JFC Clarke, and Johann Moolman.

A mask as a fashion accessory

“The majority of face masks are plain and unimaginative. I just thought some art would be different and striking. If you are going to plan what you’re going to wear, your face mask should be part of it,” said Johnny de Beer, founder of

Local designer, Fhatus Creation created an innovative mask-scarf which has a dual purpose of keeping your neck warm and protecting you against the virus.

Well-known, high-end luxury designer Rich Mnisi took it to the next level with his limited edition designs featuring Swarovski Crystals.

His collection featured Colliding Zebras, The Prayer, Rich Leopard, Just Another face mask, and The Swarovski Crystals Cherry Leopard, which boasted the hefty price tag of R2,000. Other well-known South African designers who added a personal touch to their designs include Gert-Johan Coetzee and Maxhosa, which retail at around R600.

The world’s greatest luxury fashion houses and big brands have also gone down the designer route offering all varieties of face coverings that promise to turn heads.

New York-based designer Collina Strada creates beautiful masks made from leftover fabrics, Michael Ngo’s masks are heavily embellished with beads and crystals, and Proenza Schouler presented a limited-edition collection made from archived vintage fabrics.

How will you wear this new fashion accessory?