markus jooste funeral

Police are still unable to confirm the death of former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste.
Image via YouTube screenshot: CNBC Africa

Is Markus Jooste missing? Police STILL can’t confirm death of wanted man

Has wanted man Markus Jooste pulled a Thabo Bester? The former Steinhoff CEO has seemingly disappeared without a trace…

markus jooste funeral

Police are still unable to confirm the death of former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste.
Image via YouTube screenshot: CNBC Africa

Almost a month after his alleged suicide, police have yet to provide any information on the whereabouts of Markus Jooste’s body or plans for a funeral. In fact, they also can’t confirm his death.

Last month, Jooste allegedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head on a Hermanus beach.

The 63-year-old’s mysterious death came a day after he had been slapped with a R475 million fine for accounting fraud at multinational holding company Steinhoff.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority, he had been notified of a warrant of arrest in his name.

However, authorities are now claiming that they are still investigating the details of the shooting of the wanted white-collared criminal.


According to Sunday Independent, police still have no information regarding the death or location of Markus Jooste’s body.

The businessman is believed to have shot himself in the head on the rocks of the Kwaaiwater Beach in Hermanus, near his holiday home.

Western Cape police spokesperson Colonel Andre Traut claimed that queries on the whereabouts of the body in relation to pathology and mortuary should be directed to the Department of Health. 

He said:  “The number of police officers responding to an emergency, on the other hand, is indeed an SAPS-related matter… Due to operational reasons, deployment figures are not released to the media.

“In conclusion, kindly be advised that the death inquest case docket with regards to the death of Markus Jooste is still under investigation, and there are no new developments to report at this stage.”

Just hours after the shooting allegedly took place, police issued a statement that read: “We can confirm that Hermanus SAPS opened an inquest docket for further investigation following the death of a 63-year-old man earlier today. 

“Police were activated to attend to a shooting incident at about 2.40 pm at Kwaaiwater Beach in Hermanus. The deceased succumbed to a fatal gunshot wound to the head shortly after arrival at a private hospital.”

markus jooste funeral
When is Markus Jooste’s funeral? RODGER BOSCH, AFP


According to Biz News’s Alec Hogg, Markus Jooste took his final steps down the famous Hermanus Cliff Path Walk. At the end of a trail, shielded by rocks on the Kwaaiwater Beach, he reportedly shot himself in the head.

The location is just a stone’s throw from his mansion in the coastal city.

According to a local car guard, the businessman had used a silencer to reduce the sound of his gunshot. He died shortly after arriving at the Hermanus Mediclinic, reported the Citizen.


With no news of a body, authorities have also remained mum on a funeral service for Markus Jooste.

On social media, South Africans are unsurprised at the news, comparing Jooste to convicted fraudster Thabo Bester, who faked his death and foiled a prison escape.

They’ve also compared him to fellow white-collar criminals Gavin Watson and Brett Kebble.