Joslin smith

Joslin Smith went missing from her shack in the Middelpos informal settlement in Saldanha Bay in February.
Images via SAPS

Where is Joslin Smith? Psychic asks ‘guides’ to locate her [watch]

Is Joslin Smith closer to home than we think? Psychic Kandis Starr shared her latest reading with whom she believes is the missing girl.

Joslin smith

Joslin Smith went missing from her shack in the Middelpos informal settlement in Saldanha Bay in February.
Images via SAPS

It’s been two long months since the disappearance of missing Saldanha Bay girl Joslin Smith, who has yet to be found.

While authorities have broadened their search on an international scale, popular psychic Kandis Starr is using her “gifts” to not only determine what happened to the child but locate her as well.

The US medium – who specialises in paranormal justice – has shared a keen interest in the South African case. Speaking to The South African, Kandis previously shared that her goal is to help authorities find missing children.

In multiple supernatural sessions, the woman has shared clues about what she believes happened to Joslin, who disappeared from her home on 19 February.


In her latest reading, posted on her YouTube and TikTok account, Kandis Starr shares a recording of her spirit box session with “Joslin Smith.”

In it, the spiritual reader communicates with her “guides” to help reach the missing girl.

Kandis says: “We still haven’t found your physical body. Can you help us?”

The medium then asked, “Are you in your hometown?” A voice responded, “Middlepos,” referring to the informal settlement where Joslin and her family live.

The voice adds: “Hard to find it, they dig ut up…down there.”

Here are other comments heard during the reading by the voice…

“Why did she leave me?”

“Parents…they are sinister.”

“It wasn’t an accident.”

“They beat her…the pain.”



On 19 February – eight weeks, or two months ago – Joslin Smith disappeared from her home in the Middelpos informal settlement in Diazville, Saldanha Bay.

Despite social media posts suggesting otherwise, the six-year-old has yet to be found.

Four suspects – including Joslin’s mother, Kelly, and her boyfriend, Jacquin Appollis, as well as friends Steveno Van Rhyn and Lourentia Lombaard, have been arrested for kidnapping and human trafficking.

All four have abandoned bail and are currently in custody.

Search for missing Joslin Smith goes international
Here is what we know thus far about the missing case of six-year-old Joslin Smith. Images: SAPS/ Stock/Canva

According to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Joslin’s mother, Kelly, instructed Appollis and Van Rhyn to sell her daughter to a sangoma for R20 000 to be used in muti.

In an update earlier this month, Minister of Police Bheki Cele revealed police were working with Interpol.

He said in an interview with the SABC: “A week ago, a (ship) was searched in London because there was information indicating she could have been in that one.

“It took about two and a half days for the ship to be searched. She could not be found there.

.“The net has gone far beyond the borders of South Africa, working with sister organisations such as Interpol and others. We hope to know one day where Joslin is.

“The case back home in Saldanha is continuing. Those people (accused) have not told us exactly where we would find Joslin”.

According to Daily Maverick, another ship in Wales was searched for the missing girl, but no evidence of a missing person was found.