employees driving to work petrol fuel

South Africans say driving to work isn’t worth it with petrol prices and family values. Image via Unsplash

‘Killing us’: SA reacts gloomily to March petrol price hike

‘Public transportation prices are about to go up. Food prices are about to go up,’ an X user said after hearing how much petrol will cost now.

employees driving to work petrol fuel

South Africans say driving to work isn’t worth it with petrol prices and family values. Image via Unsplash

March started on a horrible note for motorists and public transport users who are being subjected to another petrol price hike. While there have been talks about slashing the price of petrol for South Africans – for now, remain just that – talks. Meanwhile, South Africans have shared their thoughts about having to get themselves to their workplaces despite the price of petrol.

Sadly, many of them shared that they are just not sure if it’s worth it anymore. Others also wondered how this month’s price hike would impact the cost of food and other essentials.

Petrol problems: Many South Africans are rethinking work and the drive there

In 2021, a Microsoft study found that there has been a massive change in work habits over the last few years in terms of what workers expect from the workplace and what they are willing to give in return.

With 2020’s Covid-19 scare, people now care more about their health and the well-being of their families.

According to Colin Erasmus, director of modern workplace and security at Microsoft South Africa, more and more people are walking away from jobs that they believe are not serving them the way they should.

“We’re simply not the same people that went home to work in early 2020. Employees in South Africa are rethinking what they want from work and voting with their feet when these new expectations aren’t met,” says Erasmus in a Business Tech article.

petrol diesel fuel price March 2024
The Central Energy Fund (CEF) has confirmed the price increases for South Africa’s diesel and petrol car owners for March 2024. Image: Wikimedia Commons

With that said, more and more employees have started questioning the necessity of driving to work daily. And now with the looming petrol price increase, even more South Africans are bemoaning trips to the office.

eNCA reported that 93 and 95-grade petrol will increase by R1.21 cents a litre. While diesel will rise by between R1,05 cents and R1,18 cents a litre.

The price of wholesale illuminating paraffin and LP Gas will also be increasing.

Straight from the employees’ mouths

Many south african motorists have made their dissatisfaction clear. According to them, driving to work isn’t really worth it.

“Well done to the ANC for making it even more difficult for your average South African to find and keep a job. These increases are mostly due to the finance minister needing more money in an attempt to balance the books.,” one person said while another wrote:

“Public transportation prices about to go up. Food prices about to go up.”