SASSA Children’s Grants

All the SASSA Children’s Grants and what they pay in April 2024. Image: File

ALL you need to know: SASSA Children’s Grants from April 2024

Big changes are afoot at the South African Social Security Agency from April 2024, and here are key details about SASSA Children’s Grants.

SASSA Children’s Grants

All the SASSA Children’s Grants and what they pay in April 2024. Image: File

Did you know the South African Social Security Agency disburses three different SASSA Children’s Grants? Amongst Old-Age Pension, Disability and War Veteran Grants, its care for vulnerable children is some of the most comprehensive on the continent, with nearly 14-million beneficiaries paid each month.

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Therefore, knowing which SASSA Children’s Grants best suits your needs should you have a child in your care, depends on various factors, says SASSA Check. The three SASSA Children’s Grants from April 2024 onwards are as follows:


The card that can unlock three Children’s Grants from the South African Social Security Agency. Image: File

A child refers to anyone under the age of 18. And assistance is given to parents, guardians/custodians and foster parents, not just biological parents. Here’s how the government can assist you with SASSA Children’s Grants in 2024.  

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Firstly, let’s delve into the SASSA Care Dependency Grant. A full-time grant for permanently or severely disability children. This includes mental or physical disabilities requiring continuous at-home care. Essentially it’s a Disability Grant for anyone younger than 18-years of age. From April 2024 it pays R2 180 and from October it will pay R2 190.


If you need assistance with a Children’s Grant, follow the links above to the agency’s website. Image: File

Aimed at lower-income households to cover the basics, a SASSA Child Support Grant is meant to aid an existing income due to the high cost of living. To qualify you must be the primary caregiver to the child/children in your house. And this will pay R530 from April 2024. Note that you cannot have Child Support and Foster Child grants running at the same time.

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The SASSA Foster Child Grant in South Africa differs from Child Support in that it pays more. From April 2024 it will increase to R1 180. In accordance with the South African Child Care Act, you must be a court-appointed foster parent of the child/children in question to qualify. Currently, 13-million beneficiaries receive Child Support. 161 000 are on Care Dependency and 222 000 receive Foster Child grants from SASSA.

Click HERE for the full SASSA payment schedule till March 2025.

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