Pick n Pay pensioners opemning hours times

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Pick N Pay to open earlier this week: Here’s who is allowed in first

The pensioner hour has been moved by Pick N Pay, as they accommodate the release of SASSA grants. Here’s who can access their stores between 7:00 – 8:00.

Pick n Pay pensioners opemning hours times

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Pick N Pay has taken something of a tactical shift this week, as they plan to open their stores one hour early to accommodate both pensioners and SASSA grant recipients.

Social grants will be paid in a staggered phase throughout this week, to avoid people crowding for their money all at the same time. In a bid to encourage people to “kill two birds with one stone”, as it were, Pick N Pay are allowing those in receipt of the grants to get their shopping done early, too.

Pick N Pay extend “pensioner hour” for SASSA customers

It’s good news for those who have to manage their disabilities and negotiate a weekly grocery shop during these testing times. Pick N Pay issued a statement on this matter over the weekend:

“We are opening early to help our customers get their grants in a less crowded environment. All stores will be well stocked and prepared for the week so that customers can get the groceries they want during one shop.”

“We understand that customers are looking for real value now so we’ve introduced great deals on essential pantry items and fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables, to help customers save.”

John Bradshaw, Pick N Pay

Who can shop during the earlier opening hours?

In summary, here’s how the new opening times work – and who the first hour of the day belongs to:

  • Pensioners have been given a slot of 7:00 – 8:00 (an hour before the official opening time) for Monday and Tuesday this week.
  • The dedicated hour for the elderly will then resume on Wednesday 13 May, and continue to operate weekly.
  • Then, from Wednesday to Friday (6 – 8 May), the same hour window of 7:00 until 8:00 will be in place for select SASSA beneficiaries. They can also shop during the pensioner hour this week, as grants are made available on Monday.
  • If you receive any form of disability grants, or you’re aged 65 or over, you are eligible to shop during these times.