Lockdown Level 4

Photo: Pixabay

Lockdown Level 4: Every item you can legally buy in South Africa

Whether your next shop is online or at the store, we’ve updated the list of every item that can be legally bought during Level 4 of lockdown.

Lockdown Level 4

Photo: Pixabay

Another day in lockdown, the 39th so far by our count, and the journey is just beginning for South Africa. Level 4 may allow us to order takeaways and briefly exercise outdoors, but the restrictions – ranging from essential goods to closing down workspaces – remain stringent.

Lockdown laws limit lifestyles

There are no entertainment venues open. We have a nighttime curfew in place. Rolling roadblocks are in operation to ensure all road users are travelling for the right reasons. Very few people can leave their provinces or towns… and let’s not even get into that whole ‘alcohol and cigarette ban’ – Monday’s are already tough enough.

Last week, we did at least see one small step in the right direction. A number of items were added to our ‘list of essentials‘. The scope of what we can purchase at the supermarket, or add to our carts online, has expanded. We’ve decided to quickly list every item you can now legally buy in South Africa, including things that were available during Level 5 – and products which weren’t initially clarified.

Everything you can buy during Level 4 of lockdown

  1. All food products, non-alcoholic beverages and pet food.
  2. The ‘hot cooked food’ issue has been solved, in a fashion. You cannot purchase it in-store, but you can place an order for these products during your online shop. The delivery of takeaway food is also permitted.
  3. Toilet paper, sanitary pads, tampons, condoms and all toiletries linked to personal health/hygiene.
  4. Haircare, beauty products, manicure and pedicure tools, deodorants, dental care products, body and facial items/treatments. These are considered ‘cosmetic toiletries’.
  5. Medicine, personal protective equipment (PPE), and all first aid / medical supplies remain available for purchase.
  6. Petrol, diesel, paraffin, oil, other forms of gasoline, coal and wood: Anything that falls under ‘combustible’ items.
  7. Airtime and electricity top-ups can be purchased, post office services – and related items – are permitted.
  8. Newspapers, magazines and topical printed publications.
  9. All components and parts linked to hardware, vehicle repair, and academic stationery are now on sale.
  10. Computers, mobile and cellular phones, plus any supplies linked to home office / IT business make the list.
  11. Winter clothing, footwear, children’s clothes, bedding, heaters, and blankets have been added to the list of essentials.
  12. Specific textiles, chemicals and packaging materials needed to produce our essential items can be store-bought.
  13. E-commerce remains limited. But South Africans can still purchase online subscriptions, membership fees and all types of downloadable content.

How long will South Africa be under Level 4 restrictions?

Talk of moving into Level 3 of lockdown “over the next few weeks” has been rife, following comments made by the government’s trade committee. They suggested that favourable data could “move us along quickly”.

However, a rapid shift through the gears relies on stable infection rates, and the ability to control this disease in townships: Sunday saw sharp rises of the illness in our sprawling settlements, along with the biggest daily increase in cases registered in South Africa so far. Although bolstered efforts with testing and screening have played their part in the spike, it may be enough to put the breaks on our progress out of Level 4.